The ancients are screaming at us…

“…for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

—Sir Francis Bacon

An Apocalyptic Synthesis is an

Unfinished Work


Assume thy greatness, for the time draws nigh,
Dear child of gods, great progeny of Jove!
See how it totters- the world’s orbed might,
Earth, and wide ocean, and the vault profound,
All, see, enraptured of the coming time!
Ah! might such length of days to me be given

            —Eclogue IV, Publius Vergilius Maro (Virgil)

Few men have imagination
enough for reality         

—Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

…Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

–Revelation 13:18

Welcome to the real Bible. The “beast” is the coming Earth crustal displacement. This verse in the Bible is a reference to the timeframe in which the Fifth World will come to an end. Based on the work of George Dodwell, the axial tilt itself is a doomsday clock. 13 x 18 = 23.4° which is precisely the current axial tilt and has a complementary angle of 66.6°

Robert Estienne at his finest


A message to the Progeny of Jove

The author is and always has been an outcast, but he is also reputed to be one of the most abstract Ћinkers alive. I am about to expose no less than David Rockefeller and by extension the Council on Foreign Relations of which he was chairman from 1975 to 1985 as complicit in the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. I did not know when I began this journey that it would lead to this. I see everything now. And my vision grows clearer every day. Many a time I cursed God out loud for straddling me with this Ћinker. All it has ever done from my youth is brought trouble to my doorstep. I will say just two things in my defense. The first is that after 44 years of exposure to pure metaphysics, concurrent with my discovery of the meaning of 58 to the bankers, I learned for the first time the meaning of 2 Corinthians 6:17, “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” The other is that in all earnestness I assure you, I know not who sent me but to say it was either the fabric of the universe or ET. I can say that now with confidence. So I ask for magnanimity, not only for my life, but for my work also. What if you fail? That was the message of Enoch and it has been my message from the beginning, only I cannot tell you from whence I know this. I can tell you this of a certainty, one in ten or a hundred thousand hear me. So you have little to fear by continuing to ignore me. And perhaps much to gain. 

Matthew 20:16
So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

When I first began writing years ago, I was angry. Time has taught me to stop judging the bankers, that the leader of the Ћinkers had a measure of Christ in him, and that the Jesuits and Black Pope are beyond redemption. My instincts nowadays are to remove all judgements except those against my co-religionists. To the extent that I leave some condemnation in place, I am reminded of what the Nazarene said in John 8:16. “And yet if I judge, my judgment is true: for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me.” 

The progeny of Jove

The term progeny of Jove,—borrowed from Virgil’s Eclogue IV at top of this page,—refers to people who have specific knowledge about the end time. This includes three main factions as discussed on page № 10. Who are the progeny of Jove?

  • The Bankers: These are the Old World bankers who began life as the Knights Templar. Of all three factions, their lineage is the most direct and as such is somewhat defined by bloodlines. The bankers have only ever become richer and more powerful through the centuries.
  • The Ћinkers: While there is indeed a long tradition of Ћinkers which most definitely include the papal architects and alchemists, on this website the term primarily refers to a very special group of men led by Sir Francis Bacon in Elizabethan England over 400 years ago now. They started the historical Rosicrucians and the Freemasons who founded the United States of America. Their continuity from the time of the Rosicrucian manifestos through to the Civil War was unbroken but defined by the character of the men, not bloodlines. A dedicated remnant of the Ћinkers is responsible for all of the end-time warnings people have been ignoring for years now, including the all-important Georgia Guidestones and Walt Disney Pictures Tomorrowland movie. 
  • The Jesuits: The Jesuits own one of the most special libraries on the planet. We can only hope they have taken measures to assure the survival of those manuscripts and books. Beyond that, the Jesuits are not really in play any longer. We have the bankers to thank for that. 

The bankers and the Ћinkers share two things in common. One is that—in what might be described as a Pythagorian tradition—they worship numbers and therefore share a common compulsion to numerically sign their work. This is their greatest weakness and how I have learned most of what I know about them. The other is that they make movies, but for completely different reasons. The bankers make movies for the purpose of molding the thought of the masses. None come more readily to mind than 2001: A Space Odessy which prepared an unsuspecting public for Moon landings that never occurred. Now they seem to be preparing us for a viral pandemic much more serious than COVID-19. This is sometimes referred to as predictive programming. The Ћinkers make movies for the sole purpose of trying to enlighten people about the reality of the world in which they live. Primarily that means telling us who is responsible for what happened on September 11, 2001. Why? Why is “9/11” so important? Because 9/11 is to the bankers what the Georgia Guidestones and Tomorrowland are to the Ћinkers. They are all end-time markers. We are the last generation. The overwhelming majority of evidence points to 2022 as the year of an Earth crustal displacement, apocalypse, “day of the Lord,” or whatever you want to call it.  

This sixth woodcut from the series in Basil Valentine’s Azoth of the Philosophers by Basil Valentine published in 1613 is the original Rebis image

The numbers 322 and 43 in the end time

These two numbers always refer to the same two dates. On March 22, 1312, Pope Clement V issued the papal bull Vox in excelso abolishing the Knights Templar. It was subsequently approved by the Council of Vienne on April 4, 1312. What followed was more gruesome than most people could even imagine. Relative to today’s bankers, these were good men. Their crime? All they had done was escort a few pilgrims to Jerusalem and improve the economy of all of Europe. Vox in excelso was a betrayal of the first order. And mankind has been paying in blood for the sins of the Roman Catholic Church in their acquiescence to a petty tyrant ever since. 

A call to arms

The original Old World bankers were the Knights Templar. What most people do not realize is that—unlike the Ћinkers—the bankers are a largely unbroken lineage that has only ever increased in wealth and power over the last 900 years. The bankers never forget. And they never forgive. These two dates have always been a call to arms for them. 

Unmitigated savagery

These are the guys responsible for Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg in the so-called Civil War. If their savagery in countless other wars from Vietnam to Iraq or what happened on September 11, 2001, in New York City and at the Pentagon ever makes you stop and wonder at the cruelty of such men, the numbers 322 and 43 are the answer you seek. I discuss these numbers at length in the section entitled What does 322 mean? The “Bonesmen” at Yale did not invent 322 on page № 74. Skull and Bones 322 and Corporate Logos. You should read that section to prepare yourself for the shock of what you are about to learn on this page.

Poetic license

Allow me the freedom to describe to you what I imagine these two numbers mean to the bankers.

“We are on a mission. What we learned in France is that this mission cannot be compromised by the vagaries of petty tyrants such as King Philip IV of France and unprincipled churchmen such as Pope Clement V. Men who would jeopardize the future of all mankind for vein glory are a threat to the species, and we will not suffer such fools. Henceforth we will use the knowledge we gained in establishing the first global banking system to gain control of all governments and we will also take control of the Roman Catholic Church (which does happen). Once we establish control of everything in Europe and the United States, we will be as ruthless with our enemies as were these two men to our leaders, who they coated with grease and then roasted alive, like pigs on a spit.”

Why? I would ask. Why treat all mankind with the same contempt you hold for these two men who betrayed your leaders so long ago?

“Because we do not have time for the foolishness of this world. Our purpose in life is to prevent mankind from rebooting as cavemen. It is self-evident that this has never been achieved before. We are focused on the survival of the species. We have been furiously working towards this goal since well before May 1, 1776. We control everything. Get in our way, and you will die,—or worse.

Why don’t the bankers tell the people what is happening? This issue was tackled very astutely by the Ћinkers in the movie 2012. I spent an entire evening very judiciously isolating all of the clips involved in this imaginary exchange between the bankers and the thinkers on the issue of telling the people the apocalypse is real and “at our doorstep” to quote the Nazarene. Think of these scenes as a philosophical debate between the two main factions of the progeny of Jove. Of course, bankers don’t make movies, so this is a Ћinker presentation,—but one that does reasonably well at presenting both sides of the debate. I hate doing video work. It is very tedious and slow. But when I saw all of these scenes so carefully cut and sewn back together again as one, I deemed it a worthy effort.

43 is a banker number

But does 43 have other meanings? I ask because of the Rebis woodcut at the top of this section. It took me months of hard work to be able to answer this question. Surprisingly, the answer is no. This is a banker number. If you are wondering why 43 appears of the Rebis woodcut, I’ve moved that discussion to Other meanings of the number 43.

Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick eventually crossed the line and sacrificed his life trying to tell us the truth about the Apollo program. But that was not all he was trying to tell us. What people do not know is that he started trying to tell us as early as the production of 2001: A Space Odyssey with his waving flag in a closed room, mirrored images on visors, and most particularly, with the release date of April 3, 1968. Seen in the correct light, this use of 43 is as significant as any other use discussed on this website.

Unbeknownst to a world fast asleep and about to die, the new “One World” Trade Center screams 666 in the symbolism of the progeny of Jove, the same “number of the beast” they used when writing The Revelation. Nothing tells me more that we are living in the end time than the design of this building.

The World Trade Center was designed and built to be destroyed

Given the brazen nature of the 9/11 domestic terrorist attacks, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that whoever was responsible for perpetuating the attacks would have announced their intention to destroy these buildings ahead of time. The progeny of Jove numerically sign their work. They’ve been doing so for millennia. The compulsion to respect this deeply ingrained tradition that connects them to one another across a vast ocean of time (especially on something as historically significant as the destruction of the World Trade Center) is so so strong that I have come to characterize it as their single greatest weakness. Knowing this is key to understanding them and makes it possible to track their movements throughout all of recorded history. Counting the rooftops, the seven buildings of the World Trade Center were comprised of 322 floors. This is the “real horror” to which I am referring in the title of this page. I don’t think they ever expected anyone to notice this. But it doesn’t stop there. This numerical signature encodes the year of the apocalypse. 

Were the WHEN and WHAT of the apocalypse designed into The World Trade Center?

Numerical signatures are of such importance to understanding the world in which we live that I recently created page № 73. The Immense Importance of Dates and Numerical Signatures so that I could begin collecting all of them into one place.

Before I show you what I discovered in the design of the original World Trade Center which was destroyed on September 11, 2001, I must ask the question, Is there a precedence for counting the rooftops? The answer is, Yes.

There are not thirteen steps to a gallows. There are only twelve.
The thirteenth step is onto the platform.

In the design of the original World Trade Center, the rooftops are the equivalent of a gallows platform. And of course, the hangman’s noose has thirteen loops. Rooftop levels in the design of the original World Trade Center (1973–2001) are as follows:

 111 1 WTC: North Tower
 111 2 WTC: South Tower
  23 3 WTC: Marriott World Trade Center
  10 4 WTC: Office Building
  10 5 WTC: Office Building
   9 6 WTC: U.S. Customs House
+ 48 7 WTC: Office Building

This is an unmistakable Skull and Bones or banker signature on the design of the original World Trade Center

But do you see what I see?
The when

Does this numerical signature encode the year of the coming Earth crustal displacement?

  111 1 WTC: North Tower
+ 111 2 WTC: South Tower

I believe this 222 alludes to the same year 2022 found everywhere else. It cannot be a coincidence. And yet this number has other significance for the progeny of Jove.

3-4-5 Pythagoras triangle

Since the early medieval period, 222 in the Roman calendar has been regarded as the year the Pythagoras’ school was founded in Magna Graecia (modern-day Italy).

The year 532 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar. In the Roman Empire, it was known as year 222 Ab urbe condita.


By place


Pythagoras arrives in the Greek colony of Croton (modern-day Crotone) in Magna Graecia and founds the philosophical school of Pythagoreanism (approximate date).

Wikipedia, 532 BC

The indirect reference to Pythagoras suggests grouping buildings three, four, and five together as in a 3-4-5 right triangle (the smallest Pythagorean triple). However, here I must say that I did so quite naturally and long before becoming aware of the significance of the year 222 in the Roman calendar.

The stamp of death

And here is the 43. Can you not see that this is deliberate? I cannot be imagining all of this. It’s real. It’s in your face. Long before the first blueprints were ever produced, David Rockefeller and the other bankers predestined this building to be destroyed on September 11, 2001. The amount of planning that went into this easily exceeds that of the Georgia Guidestones. Hence, I have come to regard the destruction of the World Trade Center as what I call an end-time marker. Not even the bankers would do something like this unless the end was starring us in the face. They are just making everyone else in the know aware of the advanced weaponry at their disposal should anyone be contemplating throwing a monkey wrench into their plans. That everyone else would most certainly include the Russians, Chinese, and the Jesuits.

  23 3 WTC: Marriott World Trade Center
  10 4 WTC: Office Building
+ 10 5 WTC: Office Building
The what

The 23 has been separated out to symbolically represent the coming Earth crustal displacement (or axial tilt). Then the remaining twenty was split between buildings four and five to satisfy the need for the 3-4-5 Pythagoras triangle.  

What remains after the WHEN and WHAT is 57. What they did with that was ingenious.

 9  6 WTC: U.S. Customs House
48 +7 WTC: Office Building

The nine is always a reference to command and control. In this context, it symbolically represents the bankers. The 13 as always is a reference to the Ophiuchus constellation which includes the center of the galaxy, a fact which is confirmed by the 48 levels of building seven. 48 is a reference to Ptolemy’s 48 classical constellations which includes Ophiuchus.

And of course, the 47 stories of Building 7 (without the roof) is always a reference to Mars, the god of war. This and the fact that it was clad in red granite is making an unmistakable statement about the end time.

For me this numbering of Building 7 is making the statement, “We are the progeny of Jove and we now make war on the entire world.” Of course, the bigger picture is the seven buildings which symbolically represent the seven days in Genesis and by extension the destruction of this world and the beginning of a new one.

222 + 43 + 9 + 48 = 322

This is numerical perfection. This is a classic progeny of Jove numerical signature. This confirms who was behind the September 11, 2001, symbolic destruction of the World Trade Center beyond any shadow of a doubt. If you think it unimaginably cruel to send so many people to their deaths to make such a statement, you lack the perspective of the progeny of Jove. We are all the walking dead to them. The World Trade Center was designed and built to be destroyed and in the process, the progeny of Jove showed their hand. As thoroughly documented on page № 7. The real Horror of September 11, 2001 (9/11) is the Truth, they used directed-energy weaponry that is not supposed to exist. Neither is the technology discussed in the following MP3 recording released in 2013 as part of the Tomorrowland movie production.


Why this material is on my homepage

No one is more of a skeptic than me. No one is more reluctant to believe we are the last generation. No one. It was not until I learned the meaning of 58 to the bankers that I began to accept the reality of everything I write about. I have always said this knowledge changes men. Now it is changing me. I do not share in the certainty with which the progeny of Jove know what is about to happen, but I doubt more than a handful of people on the outside have ever gotten this close to knowing without someone telling them. 


While still fighting their WWII, the bankers could not resist announcing their intentions to a world that would not hear for another 58 years. That’s right. Now you know what 58 means to the bankers. There are 58 years between 1943 and 2001. They co-opted the meaning of 58 from the Ћinkers who use that number to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth I. And in so doing the dramatically “dustified” Boaz and Jachin in front of the whole world. 

Establishment of World Trade Center

The idea of establishing a World Trade Center in New York City was first proposed in 1943.

Wikipedia, World Trade Center (1973–2001)

The idea of establishing a World Trade Center in New York City was first proposed in 1943 by David Rockefeller., Today in Wall Street History: A Look Back at The World Trade Center’s North Tower, Joseph Street, December 23, 2020

Planning, designing and clearing space for the World Trade Center took over a decade. The New York State Legislature originally approved the idea in 1943, but concrete plans did not materialize until the 1960s., World Trade Center, then the world’s tallest building, opens in New York City


Can you see it all now? I am fond of saying 9/11 was a sloppy operation, and it was. But the symbolism competes with The Walk in its thoughtfulness and imagination. Besides sending a message to anyone who might think to get in their way at the last minute, 9/11 was a celebration of their victory over the Ћinkers. I’m telling you, these guys are a real class act. Lest we forget, 2001: A Space Oddysey was their movie, predictive programming for Moon landings that never happened. Not only did they kill Stanley Kubrick, but they turned 2001 into a living nightmare for the American people, not to mention the Iraqis who lost over a million people in a war that is now the longest in U.S. history. 


Though not yet written, on page № 28. A date with destiny: The year of the apocalypse, the very first subsection under 2022 is all about the five-year correction which takes of from September 23, 2017, to the year 2022. As discussed below, Tomorrowland is the second to last end-time warning from the Ћinkers. In as much as The Walk was the last end-time warning and its symbolism is lost on the masses, this scene from Tomorrowland inside a collectibles store named Blast from the Past is really the last effort of the Ћinkers to warn the people about the coming Earth crustal displacement. You need to study page № 53. SN 1604, Sir Francis Bacon, and the origins of the Rosicrucians in order to put what I just said into context. This scene from a movie that was not even a commercial success is the culmination of 400 years of work to assure that the people have a fighting chance to know the year of their demise. What so many of you do not know and I fear will not take the time to learn is that this effort was begun by the man you know of as (the author, not the actor) William Shakespeare. However, you may be acquainted with the butchery of the so-called Civil War.

Roughly 2% of the population, an estimated 620,000 men, lost their lives in the line of duty.  Taken as a percentage of today’s population, the toll would have risen as high as 6 million souls.

The Numbers Illustrated

The human cost of the Civil War was beyond anybody’s expectations.  The young nation experienced bloodshed of a magnitude that has not been equaled since by any other American conflict. 

Military Losses in American Wars

American Battlefield Trust, Civil War Casualties

The men who made Tomorrowland are descended from families who fought for the South in a futile effort to stop the bankers from taking over the United States of America. They have paid dearly to let us know what is about to happen. So please try to pay attention to what I am about to tell you. 

End-time dueling banjos

The author David Montaigne to whom I dedicated page № 23. The “great wonder” in Revelation 12 was an asterism on September 23, 2017 (includes 923 predictive programming) was the first to notice what follows, long before I even developed a full appreciation for the importance of the numbers 322 and 43 to the end time. I am very much in debt to a handful of intellectual contributors without whom I could not have come as far as I have in my understanding of what is happening. 

The Black Hole movie was released December 21, 1979, precisely 43 years before the winter solstice in 2022.” Those are David Montaigne’s words, not mine. I am grateful to him for sure, but I am the one who has uncovered the meaning of 322 and 43. Back then all we knew was that 43 was somehow very special.

Here you see the level of planning that goes into the end-time warnings such as Tomorrowland and the Georgia Guidestones. This is not a game. Many if not most of you will recoil at the thought that this is really happening and in the process dismiss me as batshit crazy. That is just the nature of the beast. I have learned to live with it. I do not know of anyone else this close to the truth. What I am doing by sharing this with the public is unprecedented. 

What does it mean that The Black Hole was released exactly 43 years before December 21, 2022? And does this mean the world is going to end on that date? No! Let us not make that mistake again. The world is not ready for another December 21, 2012. I believe the date December 21 is just piggybacking December 21, 2012, as a way of saying this is the year of the apocalypse. 

This video is the first highly symbolic 58 seconds of the Tomorrowland movie, which is precisely how long it takes for the main character to come into focus. This is of course a nod to Queen Elizabeth I as discussed on my homepage. There is other symbolism in the timing of these first 58 seconds, especially at 32-33 seconds. You can stop and start this video at will to demonstrate that there is no Tomorrowland until after the first 43 seconds. That is to say, Tomorrowland exists only in the next world, after the coming apocalypse. Timing is everything in this movie, perhaps none more than these first 43 seconds.

The World Trade Center

In the light of my recent discovery of the meaning of 58 to the bankers, as discussed in The World Trade Center was designed and built to be destroyed (what I now believe to be one of the most important sections on this entire website), I am refocusing the homepage around the symbolism of 9/11. I am also no longer willing to pretend that the evidence for 2022 is not compelling, even for me. Here are two simple math equations that will mark the gravestones of billions of people.

2022 – 2001 = 11
2001 – 1943 = 58

What happening on September 11, 2001, was much more than you imagine. Once you fully understand what happened on that fateful day, you will know that we are living in the end time. 

The new “One World” Trade Center screams 666 as discussed on page № 74. Skull and Bones 322 and corporate logos

The old World Trade Center was one of three monuments to the end time

We live in the end time. I cannot at once explain this to you. It is more than most people can accept, and those who cannot for whatever reason will find an endless variety of ways to dismiss the thought.  Those who are meant by the fates or gods to hear my voice will do so. To them, I want what I am about to say to be the first thing you hear from me because it has taken me so long to understand.

There are three monuments to the end times discussed at length on this website. Two of them are the Georgia Guidestones and Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland movie. The other is the World Trade Center demolished on September 11, 2001. Yes, I know how hard this is to believe. I was reluctant to admit it to myself. But after discovering The Walk (discussed below), I realized for the first time,—however demented on the part of the people responsible,—that the destruction of the original World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001, and its subsequent replacement with the One World Trade Center was primarily a celebration of the end time, a statement to the entire world about the significance of what is about to happen. It was not about asbestos abatement. It was not about insurance fraud, the Hammer Fund, or the great rubble scam. It was not about money at all except to the extent that the character of bankers is such that it only made sense for them to profit from their foreknowledge of events. Now that I have finally allowed myself to cross this line, looking back I can see the obviousness of what I am saying. Planning for what you know of as “9/11” began long before any of the financial shenanigans were put into motion. And the Twin Towers Trees symbolism dates back to the very beginning of the Roman Empire. 

Why are these three monuments are of such radically different character?  The answer to this question is that the people Virgil and I refer to as the “progeny of Jove” are comprised of two distinct groups. One descends from the Romans, Knights Templar, and the European Illuminati (otherwise best thought of as Old World bankers). The other group of men is what I refer to as the “purveyors of knowledge” (historically known as the Rosicrucians and Freemasons). They claim descendency from the ancient Greeks (in particular Pythagoras), but in truth are largely the legacy of one man. You know him as William Shakespeare (the playwright, not the actor). His real name was Sir Francis Bacon. It is these men who erected the Georgia Guidestones. I have also come to believe at long last that it is they who are behind the Tomorrowland movie. Both of these “monuments” to the end time serve as warnings to anyone listening. They care enough about humanity to at least give us a fighting chance to realize what we are up against. In other words, our humanity still matters to them. The bankers have no interest in warning us. They think they are going to inherit the new world all to themselves. They imagine themselves to be gods many largely because of their exclusive knowledge of the end time, but also because of their beggarly awareness that God,—the “fabric of the universe,” or whatever you want to call it,—expresses itself in numbers. On that basis, they dismiss all religions as delusion, but in truth, they do not care about knowledge. The highly advanced technology they have acquired through the years is a natural consequence of the wealth they have amassed at the cost of countless millions of people needlessly suffering. It does not say anything about their intellect. They only care about their own survival. In short, they are not gods. They are inbred psychopaths and we are to them little more than the walking dead. The destruction of the World Trade Center was all about ego, demonstrating,—largely to themselves,—the power they have obtained in the end time. These two groups are discussed at length on page № 11. The centuries-old war between the bankers and the purveyors of wisdom


Crying wolf

We live in a perverse reality in which the Electric Universe guys are rewriting science while being completely ignored by academia and mainstream, consensus science. The world of the mathematically insane is shrinking all the time and yet they continue to strut around as if nothing is happening. To be sure, December 21, 2012, was the greatest crying wolf incidence of all time. But those who took the ball and ran with it in traditional books and in a plethora of Internet websites—all claiming to have divined the meaning of the Maya Long Count—were not attacked as they would be in today’s political correctness environment. They were not told what to think. The most massive propaganda machine in the history of mankind lay dormant. Everyone was free to think for themselves about the meaning of the Maya Long Count and what the public was being told was the end date. Rather than being dismissed as a disrespectable subject, serious research was done into the meaning and history of the Long Count.

Thus did the progeny of Jove throw the apocalypse off-switch in the popular imagination with the same ease one turns off an overhead light.

They did nothing more than idle their thought control machine. And then,—in the aftermath of December 21, 2012,—they let the peanut gallery loose on the charlatans who found an audience amongst the unsuspecting public. It worked. Trust me. No one alive knows how well it worked better than me. Everything changed on the morning of December 22, 2012. Henceforth, such nonsense would not be tolerated by the worldly-wise. What decent, law-abiding citizen would besmirch their own reputation by entertaining the notion of a planetary catastrophe? Rubbish!! What nonsense.


The beginning of the end

Having allowed that demon to be exercised to its fullest, the progeny of Jove got to work on the real business of the end time. For the Ћinkers, this meant going into high gear trying to warn the people. Consequently, here is where I keep my definitive list of end-time warnings since 1980. The list reduces to the following five items.

  • The Georgia Guidestones
  • The Matrix movie. This movie provided a critically important symbolic language, such as the meaning of the red pill, readily understood by the public
  • The 2012 movie and the subsequent declassification of The Adam and Eve Story [a crash course in magnetohydrodynamics and the philosophical arguments for and against telling the people]
  • The Black Hole and Tomorrowland movies [the “black hole” symbolically marks the outer bounds of this house of horrors]
  • The “Apocalyptic Pillar” at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
  • The Back to the Future and The Walk movies [a dramatic farewell from the people who risked their lives to try to warn us that this is reality, not a movie]

This may not seem like an impressive list to you, but each of these warnings has a huge story behind it. The level of planning here is intense. What I believe to be probably only a handful of Freemason families in the South who were isolated and cut off from the progeny of Jove by the Civil War but retained specific information about the end time are on a mission very much in the here and now to awaken you from your uniformitarian dream of life (in which planetary catastrophes only happen in movies). They got their marching orders from the Bard.

The fireworks finale of end-times warnings from the Ћinkers
  • December 21, 1979: Release of The Black Hole movie
  • March 22, 1980: Unveiling of the Georgia Guidestones monument
  • July 3, 1985: Release of the Back to the Future movie
  • 1997: The “Apocalyptic Pillar” (a popular name I condone) at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
  • March 31, 1999: Release of the Matrix movie.
  • 2004: 400th anniversary of SN1604 and the commissioning of the King James Bible
  • April 27, 2006: Construction of the Twin Towers begins
  • November 13, 2009: Release of the 2012 movie. This movie is of profound importance to the overall message of the Ћinkers. It introduces the concept of magnetohydrodynamics as the cause of an Earth crustal displacement which is later confirmed as the what of the apocalypse by the timely declassification of The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms on the feast of John the Baptist day on June 24. I thoroughly dissect this movie.
  • 2011: The 400th anniversary of the King James Bible
  • March 22, 2013: The Georgia Guidestones monument unveiled 33 years ago
  • June 24, 2013: Declassification of The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms
  • August 2013: Filming of Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland begins
  • December 16, 2013: The actual end date of the Maya Long Count. Nobody cares. Trust me. But look around you. This definitive list of end-time warnings is clear evidence that the Ћinkers are heavily invested in 2013. Why? And why—listen up—why did Sir Francis Bacon and his entourage publish the King James Bible in 1611 and not 1612? I can’t be the only person who has ever asked this question. The Bard had his hands full without publishing what was clearly going to be a landmark book exactly four hundred years before what he knew would be foisted on the people as the end date of the Maya Long Count. I think telling us this was part of the decision to publish a year early in 2011. Now we have three things falling short: the December 16 date is five days (one Wayeb) short of the winter solstice; 2011 + 400 years is one year short of December 21, 2012; and the end of 13 baktuns on December 21, 2012, is one year short of the end of the Maya Long Count. See a pattern here? The highly convenient crying wolf mechanism of 13 baktuns ending on December 21, 2012, was amazingly well tolerated, if not encouraged, by mainstream media, but December 16, 2013, is the actual end date of the Maya Long Count after the two smaller gears that conceptually represent their months and days come to a stop. And the five missing days in the December 16, 2012, end date which at first seems almost perverse? I discuss this on page № 20. Maya Long Count. That is the equivalent of the Wayeb and an instruction to add five to something. If you add five to the end of 13 baktuns on December 21, 2012, you get 2017, the year of the asterism in The Revelation. Did I just derail? Am I trying to sell you a bill of goods? What I know for sure is that there are three gears in the design of the Long Count. When the big gear stops you are at December 21, 2012. If the other two keep turning until they reset you are at December 16, 2013, five days short of the winter solstice, which makes absolutely no sense unless you read my page № 20. Maya Long Count where I discuss the Great Wayeb of five years. But there is a larger issue here concerning who designed the Maya Long Count. Can you not see the emphasis being placed on the number 13 here? Are we being asked to accept that it is just a coincidence that this happens to be the end of 13 baktuns? Might this have something to do with the fact that thirteen is smeared all over our one-dollar bill? We have no idea who designed the Maya Long Count. The people from India say they were adepts. I say sailing back and forth between Europe and the Americans was a common thing long before the Nazarene was born. It strains credulity, I know, but for whatever reason, the 13 baktuns in the Maya Long Count and 2013 represent the same thing. The implications are a master designer, but I no longer discuss that topic on this website. It strains credulity. And to the worldly-wise who are sitting on the other end of this communication looking for a comment button so that you can tell me the GMT correlation date was not arrived at until the year 1905 and therefore Bacon could not have known anything about 2012—yada yada yada—I say this isn’t my first rodeo. Neither was Christ Jesus born in the year 1 A.D. All three factions of the progeny of Jove are heavily invested in both of these dates. These two dates are sacred ground. I could go on for hours, but this is not the place. For now, I ask you to believe me that there is sufficient evidence in the Tomorrowland movie alone of what I discuss as the two fives that take us from 2012 to 2017 and from 2017 to 2022. As of this writing, that discussion remains as one of the few things I have yet to move from the now-defunct The 216 Club page where for a while I discussed selected issues with only a handful of my largest donors. Everything is out in the public now. Neither of these two dates of great historical interest is off by more than a few years. In the case of the GMT correlation date, archeology has verified the accuracy of the date to within a few years on several occasions. But were these two dates finetuned by the people I call the progeny of Jove? Yes. I believe so. For example, in the case of the GMT correlation date, I find it interesting that 2012 is exactly 700 years after 1312, the year in which both 322 and 43 were defined, both of which numbers are prominent in what I refer to as the “numerical signature” designed into The World Trade Center before the first blueprints ever produced. This subject is discussed in the section entitled The World Trade Center was designed and built to be destroyed on page № 28. A Date with Destiny.
  • May 22, 2015: Release of Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland. Here I must confess something; I was wrong. Tomorrowland was not the last warning. The Walk was, but it was written for a very select audience. So maybe Tomorrowland is the last warning for the masses. Fully analyzing this movie is the end product of An Apocalyptic Synthesis. If I were a glory hunter, I would drop everything and rewrite this page and the page on the Georgia Guidestones. But what directs my path is always where I am learning. I assure you I have a proper reverence for this movie. Lately, my thought has been that I am ready to tackle both of these huge pages and I am working in that direction
  • September 7, 2015: This is the birthday of Queen Elizabeth I in what would have been the (2015 – 1558 =) 457th year of her reign. Some readers may not know November 17 is Queene’s Day and celebrates the accession of Queen Elizabeth I to the throne of England on November 17, 1558. As further stated in Wikipedia, “Observance of the accession was a national holiday in England and Wales for about 300 years, often with the building of enormous bonfires.” So you ask yourself, Why 2015? Why are the Ћinkers closing up shop in 2015? Well, my guess is that this is celebrating 400 years since the founding of the Rosicrucians (one year after the first manifesto was published), which is to say taking the Globe Theatre on the road to America,—Georgia to be more precise, in the capable hands of the Freemasons with the Rosicrucians in the background. But in a world where numbers are expected to manifest perfection, 457 is also the 43rd Pythagorean prime. This is the same 43 as found on the Rosicrucian Rebis woodcut and which is part of the European Illuminati “numerical signature” in the design of the World Trade Center. By the way, I did not discover this signature (though I did discover its meaning beyond the number 322). I faithfully credited the author of the website where I discovered it for a very long time even though he was otherwise a really bad version of me. But the website disappeared shortly thereafter and then the link became a threat to visiting computers. I fully explain the significance of the number 43 in the section entitled Number 43 and the end times on page № 28. A Date with Destiny. The date September 7, 2015, is also an integral part of the numerical signature the Ћinkers used to announce the end of the road for them, which numerical signature includes the release dates of the last two end-time warnings, the Tomorrowland and The Walk movies. What I am about to explain is an example of what I call a “numeric signature.” They never violate the simplicity principle and usually include both dates and sacred numbers.
    Rebis lives in me



    The Tomorrowland movie was released 108 days before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. If you have read everything above on this homepage, then I do not need to explain to you the significance of Queen Elizabeth I’s birthday. The Walk was released 23 days after September 7, 2015. I know there are no more end-time warnings from the Ћinkers because of the 23 days. That is Ћinker-talk for “It’s time for the show.” And it is a clear indication that nothing is to follow. So what or who is Rebis? If Rebis is supposed to unite the masculine and the feminine, as is abundantly clear in the symbolism, the masculine is the bankers “dustifying” the Twin Towers and the feminine is the Ћinkers, whose most poetic expression since the days of the Bard can be found in The Walk. How appropriate! A movie in combination with Back to the Future that evidences foreknowledge of the destruction of the Twin Towers! The movie The Walk was our last end-time warning and it is stunningly beautiful. But I fear only a handful of people will ever partake of its full beauty. That truly is in the eye of the beholder. Thus I would take The Walk as the epitome of the female half of Rebis.

  • September 30, 2015: Release of The Walk. The beauty of The Walk is indescribable, the symbolism alive, the message…the message rivals that of President Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in solemnity. My poor ability to lift the reader to such lofty heights feels now a heavy weight on me. I will try though. The symbolic tightrope stretches from July 3, 1985, the release date for Back to the Future to this date, September 30, 2015, the release date for The Walk. The producer of these two movies is the person walking the tightrope. This is not a movie that can be judged by its budget (unless you realize the 35 million dollar budget is a reference to 1735, the year the Grand Lodge of Georgia was established). I’m pretty sure these are the same boys who just got done building the Georgia Guidestones. Tomorrowland had a budget of 190 million dollars. The people working on this movie are inspired by something more maintaining their level of income. I would humbly suggest to you that Philippe Petit was part of this movie, not the other way around. That may explain why this movie has more passion than a thousand sultry paperback novels.
  • September 23, 2017: I dedicate an entire page to this subject. One that is in bad need of rewriting I might add. The page number is № 23. The Great Wonder was an asterism on September 23, 2017 (923). I was working on it four or five months ago when an intellectual contributor pointed out to me evidence that the producers are aware of this date. Frankly, everything that has happened since then is a blur. I’ll tell you a secret. I’m not making this up,—I have a drawer full of notes of what at least was at the time astounding breakthroughs in understanding. I can’t even find the time to get to them now. What they say is something of a mystery to me at the moment. I fear I have left yet another trail of mess behind me because I have been learning at an astounding speed ever since. I tell you of a truth there is a direct line between finding the evidence that Tomorrowland is aware of the September 23, 2017 date and this major addition to my homepage. It never stops. Everything just becomes more clear to me.
July 4, 2017 Fireworks Finale at the Magic Kingdom

And what did we do with all these warnings? That is the subject of the section that holds the distinction of the longest section name on the entire website: Tomorrowland is the Ћinkers thinking out loud about how to warn us—all previous efforts including the Georgia Guidestones having failed at the top of page № 22. Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland movie: Final notice for the masses.

What The Walk taught me is that the Twin Towers are an end-time marker as important as the Georgia Guidestones and Tomorrowland. Moreover, everything is happening in the here and now. We are “at the doors.” I no longer care what the world thinks. The slings and arrows of the worldly-wise no longer matter to me. We are living in the end time. One needs only to open their eyes to see it. I can show you.


The ancients really are screaming at us. And I really can hear them, but as Philippe Petit says in The Walk, “no one is listening.” No one. Thus my knowledge of what is about to happen is reduced to a poetic outcry.

With gratitude to the artists: Simon & Garfunkel and Disturbed, The Sound of Silence (which has been close to me my entire life). Thank you Disturbed. I love you guys. Nothing or no one has ever come closer to my heart.

A madness haunts me
and much abounds
in winds of lavender
and lilac smells.
G.W. on the piano
And me, in perfect hell.

Yet speak I must for, as Alexander Pope said,
“I lisped in numbers, for the numbers came.”

Not “unfinished” or incomplete, Michelangelo’s work represents individual consciousness imprisoned in the collective consciousness or what might be described as popular thought. The Bible refers to this slavish state of mind when it says “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate.” This is precisely what Michelangelo wants to represent in marble.

Because of a people the Latin poet Publius Vergilius Maro (Virgil) called the “progeny of Jove” (Jove being the second hand of a celestial doomsday clock), the masses are entombed in a prison of lies that they are told is the epitome of thousands of years of human development. Nothing could be further from the truth.