The ancients are screaming at us…

“…for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

—Sir Francis Bacon

An Apocalyptic Synthesis is an

Unfinished Work



Assume thy greatness, for the time draws nigh,
Dear child of gods, great progeny of Jove!
See how it totters- the world’s orbed might,
Earth, and wide ocean, and the vault profound,
All, see, enraptured of the coming time!
Ah! might such length of days to me be given

            —Eclogue IV, Publius Vergilius Maro (Virgil)


Few men have imagination
enough for reality         

—Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

…Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

–Revelation 13:18

Welcome to the real Bible. The “beast” is the coming Earth crustal displacement. This verse in the Bible is a reference to the timeframe in which the Fifth World will come to an end. Based on the work of George Dodwell, the axial tilt itself is a doomsday clock. 13 x 18 = 23.4° which is precisely the current axial tilt and has a complementary angle of 66.6°

Robert Estienne at his finest

This metal sculpture at Ad Quadratum (the center) of the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. is the very navel of arcane and esoteric symbolism in the United States of America and throughout the entire civilized world

“Such a blazing star is called a nova

—Immanuel Velikovsky

The term blazing star as used by the secret societies is not a reference to Sirius. Sirius is but a big gear in the timepiece of the ancients, which are the more distant stars of the Zodiac. A blazing star is what we think of today as a supernova. And in the world of An Apocalyptic Synthesis when you hear or see a reference to either novas or supernovas, the first thing you should think of is Elizabethan England. Of a truth, I say SN 1604 is more important to this generation than the Star of Bethlehem. 

Credit, What is a Nova? by Fraser Cain, October 20, 2016
Herzlich Willkommen. Based on my analysis of the evidence presented on this website, the author believes an Earth crustal displacement is expected to occur sometime between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2024. As discussed on page № 28. A date with destiny, most likely the year is 2022. (If there is an exact date, I have yet to discover it.) But people regard the apocalypse as a plaything. They think they can surf the Internet and discover profound truths that men have guarded with their lives for thousands of years now. Not unlike December 21, 2012, this morbid mentality is ripe for abuse. Internet marketing recently reached a new low by peddling the apocalypse to sell a VPN product. If you are one of the people who sense something is profoundly wrong and are looking for answers, what you want to know is on this website, and I dare say nowhere else. But getting at this truth requires dedication and hard work. The opportunity to speak out about what is happening in plain English exists only because we are so close to the end. For over 400 years now the historical Rosicrucians and the Freemasons have been trying to warn us about the coming Earth crustal displacement. That is in large part why they exist. The remaining handful of Freemasons in the South who know the truth went silent in 2015, exactly 400 years after they began their journey. That was the year they released Tomorrowland and The Walk, our last two end-time warnings. We are fast running out of time. If you want to survive what is about to happen, you need to take the time to understand these men. Otherwise, you will never accept the mind-boggling, seemingly alternative reality presented on this website. 


Cover page for 1915 translation of the Prophecies of Paracelsus

A book originally published in 1536 and written by a man known to history as Paracelsus provided the blueprint for two of the secret societies discussed on this website, the historical Rosicrucians (not those AMORC fakes flakes out in California) and the Freemasons. More specifically, the 32 Prognostications were both a call to arms and a blueprint for what we know of today as the Rosicrucian and Freemason secret societies. As I read them for the first time, I found myself in Sir Francis Bacon’s shoes and saw before me a blueprint for how to continue what I was doing in the Globe Theatre well after my death until the apocalypse or “day of the Lord” about 400 years into the future. Yes, all the world is a stage, and Sir Francis Bacon is the director of what he calls his “live art.”



The Latin title of this book is Prognostictio Eximii Doctoris Theophrasti Paracelsi which translates into English as The Prophecies of Paracelsus. A 1915 “translation” of this book has the rather long title of The Prophecies of Paracelsus: Magic figures and prognostications made by Theophrastus Paracelsus about 400 years ago. This so-called translation was published exactly three hundred years after the formation of the Rosicrucians in Elizabethan England. I assure you, it is as important as the original. In truth, it is more important. Of course, no one knows who the translator is. He is only known by the initials J.K. This is a book published by the people I refer to on this website as the Ћinkers. They do indeed continue a long tradition dating back to ancient Greece but let all the world know the historical Rosicrucians and the Freemasons began life in Elizabethan England. Sir Francis Bacon was their leader back then. And because of something he calls “Designed History” (discussed below) he is still their leader. 

My accusers complain that I have not entered the temple of knowledge through the right door. But which one is the truly legitimate door – Galen and Avicenna [think the mathematically insane mainstream, consensus science, academia, or the propaganda tool of the bankers,Wikipedia], or Nature? I have entered through the door of Nature. Her light, not the lamp of an apothecary’s shop, has illuminated my way.


The best of our popular physicians are the ones that do the least harm. But, unfortunately, some poison their patients with mercury; others purge them or bleed them to death. There are some who have learned so much that their learning has driven out all their common sense, and there are others who care a great deal more for their own profit than for the health of their patients.


Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (Paracelsus).

Paracelsus is known for posthumously revolutionizing the medical profession. But his 32 Prognostications on how to really make a difference and achieve a life’s work that will not be ravaged by time sparked a movement that would reverberate down through history to the present day.  The 1915 so-called “translation” is of fundamental importance to the study of the end time. For the more curious readers, I added a copy to the Apocalyptic Synthesis Library (ASL) under the full name The Prophecies of Paracelsus: Magic Figures and Prognostications made by Theophrastus Paracelsus about Four Hundred Years Ago

This is a difficult subject for the novice, but one must begin at the beginning. And this is my whole contention—that the Rosicrucians were not only founded by Sir Francis Bacon and his entourage, but the inspiration to do so did not come until after the death of Queen Elizabeth I (his mom) and the appearance of SN 1604 the following year. And that this inspiration and the philosophical basis for it was found in the writings of Paracelsus is for me painfully obvious.

Paracelsus is
Christian Rosenkreuz

Why can no one see this? At 47:06 minutes into Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians by Peter Dawkins Part 1 Peter Dawkins, a man who I hold in the highest regard, says Paracelsus “is known to have signed his name with an R, letter R.” Frankly, when I finally realized the significance of this, I replayed that part of the video at least five times. Mr. Dawkins is a gracious man, and without his intuitive mind, I would know nothing of consequence about the Bard. He immediately responded to my request to confirm what he said about Paracelsus signing his work with an R. In that email he says Paracelsus “signed his name with a rose or letter R.” He says somewhere there is a picture of this, but regrettably he could not find it to include in his email response. But the evidence that Paracelsus is Christian Rosenkreuz is blinding when seen in the correct light. 

Where everything breaks down in the study of the Rosicrucian and Freemason secret societies is the failure to make a distinction between the long tradition of the Ћinkers as defined at the top of page № 10. Who are the progeny of Jove? and what Sir Francis Bacon set into motion upon the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth I and the accompanying realization that the actor William Shakespeare was approaching the end of his life. Amidst the stir of SN 1604, Sir Francis Bacon saw his own demise on the horizon and with it, the death of the Globe Theatre. Only then, did he find in the 32 Prognostications a way forward to continue the work of the Globe Theatre. This was the beginning. There was no other. 

The following video is a condensation of Petter Amundsen’s three YouTube videos series entitled Cracking the Code. While I can hardily recommend watching the first two of these videos, the third one entitled The Conspiracy Of Shakespeare’s Hidden Treasure | Cracking The Shakespeare Code (3/3) is not something you should watch. Fans of Petter Amundsen will object that this condensed version of his presentation leaves out his best stuff. I agree, but for entirley different reasons. I created page № 50. Sir Francis Bacon’s last play: Oak Island to discuss his Oak Island folley. 

What follows is the true genius of this man. Through him, we have unequivocal proof for the first time in history that Shakespearean plays were a collaborative effort involving at least two men: Sir Francis Bacon, author of New Atlantis, and Sir Henry Neville, “Francis Bacon’s nephew and a certain distant relative of William Shakespeare.” But what both Petter Amundsen and Peter Dawkins suspect that the Shakespearean plays and all the Rosicrucian references in the First Folio are a collaborative work involving a group of men with a singular purpose that has impacted your life more than either you or I will ever fully understand. 

Before watching, you may want to familiarize yourself with the following vocabulary:

watch this

No one is expecting you to start reading all of the Shakespearean plays. But you need to watch this video in its entirety to have any hope of what is happening in the world today. Whenever I get to the end of this study of what happened 40 years ago in Elizabethan England, everything you need to know about these men will be on this website. All I can ask at the moment though is that you trust me when I say this is essential information.

The reason why I excluded the stuff about William Shakespeare’s gravestone is that Petter Amundson should have stopped with the application of Sir Francis Bacon’s “Bi-literarie Alphabet” from Sir Francis Bacon’s The Advancement of Learning. By trying to interpret the meaning of the following values beyond the fact that the lines add up to 53 and 106 he enters into the absurd and does his work discredit. Instead, his third video wanders of to Oak Island and the trap set for the bankers, he should have looked at the value of the replaced Bi-literarie Alphabet values because the Bonesmen at Yale was founded in 1832 and I suspect this is where they derived their name. 

I also find it curious that he does not mention the possibility that whoever replaced the gravestone circa 1820 was obviously trying to hide this in-your-face encoding. 


A few observations

  • The reference to chronograms and the LI in the word ONLIE in the first line of the dedication page for Shakespeare’s sonnets may seem like a reach until you recall that the angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza is 51°

Yet the first manifesto of the Rosicrucians, FAMA FRA-ternitatus appears to contradict this statement. Where to start? Even So what does this all-important first manifesto say about the origins and the Rosicrucians? The answer to this question makes it all the more obvious that the inspiration for the Rosicrucian and Freemason secret societies came from the writings of Paracelsus. 


The Rosicrucians and the Freemasons have always encouraged the misperception that their beginnings are somehow a continuation of the long tradition of Ћinkers


In his work “Silentium Post Clamores” (1617), the rosicrucian Michael Maier (1568–1622) described rosicrucianism as having arisen from a “Primordial Tradition” in the following statement: “Our origins are Egyptian, Brahmanic, derived from the mysteries of Eleusis and Samothrace, the Magi of Persia, the Pythagoreans, and the Arabs.”

Wikipedia, Rosicrucianism

Even Peter Dawkins in pt 2

But this is not true. In fact, the quite the opposite is true. The motivation behind the Rosicrucians was to “go where no man has gone before.” They were intent from their very beginnings to accomplish the “universal reformation of mankind” which all of their predecessors—the Greeks, the architects, the alchemists…had failed. 


The Alphabet of Nature was named after Paracelsus’ — of Nature. & Alphabet of the Magi

. So allow me to show you two important examples of the direct corollaries between the 32 Prognostications and the founding principles of the Rosicrucians and by extension, the Freemasons. My intent here is to put to rest forever any doubt as to the beginning of these two secret societies. This information is known only by a handful of people in the world. To his credit, Peter Dawkins pointed me in this direction. I’ll start with a quote from Wikipedia that outlines the objectives of the Rosicrucians derived from the first of the two manifestos.

The Legend

The Fama tells the story of the “Father C.R.” (later referred to in the text as “C.R.C.”) and his ill-fated pilgrimage to Jerusalem; his subsequent tutelage by the secret sages of the east, the wise men of Damcar (Dhamar) in Arabia, from whom he learned the ancient esoteric knowledge which included the study of physicsmathematicsmagic and kabbalah; his return through Egypt and Fes, and his presence among the alumbrados in Spain. It is thought in occultism that Rosenkreuz’s pilgrimage seems to refer to transmutation steps of the Great Work.

After his arrival to Germany, Father C.R. and other Brothers established an esoteric Christian Fraternity: “The Fraternity of the Rose Cross”. The Brothers of the Fraternity were sent in mission throughout the world, having as their first priority to use their esoteric knowledge to cure the sick free of charge (“gratis“), not wearing any special clothing, and met once each year in the mysterious “House of the Holy Spirit”.

The Legend shows an agreement with six articles that they drew up prior to their separation, bounding themselves one to another to keep:

  1. That none of them should profess any other thing than to cure the sick, and that gratis.
  2. None of the posterity should be constrained to wear one kind of habit, but to follow the custom of the country.
  3. Every year, upon the day C., they would meet together at the house Santi Spiritus, or write the cause of their absence.
  4. Every Brother should seek a worthy person to succeed him after his death.
  5. The word CR should be their seal, mark, and character.
  6. The Fraternity should remain secret one hundred years.

Although Father C.R.C. is often identified as the allegorical character of Christian Rosenkreuz from the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, the Fama Fraternitatis does not identify him as such in the text.

Wikipedia, Fama Fraternitatis


Elizabeth I, Rainbow Portrait c. 1600-1602. Artist Unknown.

When I first discovered that the Rosicrucian and Freemason secret societies were the product of Elizabethan England, I thought Sir Francis Bacon was the driving force behind everything. And indeed, he was. But behind him was an extraordinarily intelligent and bold woman without whom the Renaissance may not have ever happened. 

Although including such a long YouTube video about Queen Elizabeth I on my homepage is unusual, it is also fitting. And I can promise you there is no better person on the planet to tell you about her than Will Durant. This man is a force to be reckoned with. I suggest starting the video here and then watching it on your smart TV because it is as long as a movie. The world in which we live would be entirely different were it not for this woman. She and her son Sir Francis Bacon achieved more than two millennia of church buildings has accomplished, infinitely more.

WARNING: Intellectually dense material ahead.

RUNTIME: 2:19:03
TITLEWill Durant—The Great Queen (1558 – 1603)
POSTED: November 25, 2017
VIEWS: 54,725 views

In the Elizabethan England and secret society world into which you are about to enter, numbers have symbolic meaning. Learning the meaning of a number is an ongoing process of discovering a whole new language. But I warn you. Do not violate the simplicity principle. If I or anyone else offers up an explanation—for what I like to call numeric signatures—that sounds too complicated, walk away. That’s not how these men think. They sign their work, usually with dates but the closer you get to the Bard the more likely is the possibility of encountering more sophisticated encryption algorithms. If you survey the available “literature” on YouTube, there are a handful of men and women who have already mastered this material. I already link to the best of them, but only to the extent the material adds to the subject matter discussed on this website. Be cautious of getting too close to the Bard’s own literature. Many a good man and woman have gotten lost in that forest. The stuff I’m talking about is much easier to spot and understand. For example, the release date of a movie such as Tomorrowland is sure to be rich with meaning. In this case, the release date of May 22, 2015, is 108 days from September 7, 2015 (Queen Elizabeth’s birthday), and is part of a highly important numerical signature discussed below that marks the last two end-time warnings from the people I call the Ћinkers. So you see, often numerical signatures include sacred numbers the meaning of which can be very nuanced. 

400 years of Shakespeare scholarship and no one has ever noticed that “Mr. W. H.” is 12 + 17 + 21 + 8 = 58 in the so-called “Simple Cipher” of Elizabeth England’s 24-letter alphabet. In other words, the “begetter” is Francis Bacon’s mom. This explains why the small letter r in “Mr.” is deemphasized (shriveled up). Why am I the only one who sees this stuff? Seriously, why do others enjoy the limelight while I live in total obscurity? Because Sir Francis Bacon knew the mind of his audience. Most men are too clever for their own good. If you want to follow in this man’s footsteps, you must be like him. The limelight is not for the likes of us. We seek only the truth. My complete analysis of the Sonnets’ dedication is found on page № 53. SN1604, Sir Francis Bacon, and the Rosicrucians.

I bring up this subject because I recently solved a problem that has bothered me for some time. Explaining the issues involved makes for a good introduction to the subject. In this world of numbers you are entering, references to 58 or 558 are most likely going to be references to the year Queen Elizabeth I ascended to the throne. For example, the “58 days” left—shouted out so that we would make this very connection—before the end of the world in Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland movie. Another example is the 5 x 8 dimensions of R.C. Christian’s coffin.

But then there is Colorado State Highway 58 between Denver International Airport and the all-important mining town of Golden, Colorado. This road is 36 miles long or 58 kilometers. This use of 58 58 (which reduces to 13 13 or MM and is therefore a reference to the Stone of Destiny) presented a problem for me because Colorado is the “bankers” turf (the bankers and the Ћinkers are the two main factions of the progeny of Jove as discussed on this website). As I said above, the bankers do not make movies, and they don’t pay homage to the queen. That 58 is, I believe, a reference to 1958, the year Hapgood published The Earth’s Shifting Crust

“For Queen and country” reduces to “for mom” in his early life, but after her passing, the love this man felt for her transferred to all mankind. It has taken me almost a decade of research to realize what anyone pursuing this knowledge must sooner or later admit; Sir Francis Bacon had a measure of the Christ in him. If you live in the United States of America, your everyday life was defined by this one man more so than any other, including our Founding Fathers who were mere players in the New Atlantis drama which continues to this very day.
Sir Francis Bacon

Was Sir Francis Bacon the son of Queen Elizabeth I? And was he the author of the Shakespearean plays? The following YouTube videos only became available in the past few days. I was drop jaw when I first watched them, and grateful because providing comparable documentation would have taken an unimaginable amount of work. Hats off to the Francis Bacon Society. And as for the tiresome and hopelessly pretentious academically minded peanut gallery who would debate these two points until the Pacific Ocean washes over North America and makes the whole discussion mute, I have no patience for such drivel. References to September 23, 2017, in the works of “William Shakespeare” are constantly misinterpreted as the author of these works identifying himself as Edward de Vere, 17th earl of Oxford. The principal advocate of this madness is himself a madman. Trust me when I say this. I am the King of the Crazies and Alexander Waugh is one of my subjects. He consistency violates the simplicity principle when attempting to discover the meaning of the men who founded the Rosicrucians and Freemasons in Elizabethian England. Such pedantic madness appeals only to those whose primary interest in the subject is best described as intellectual pretension. Let me tell you something; if ever you encounter someone like this man trying to explain the meaning of anything related to Shakespeare or the secret societies as being so extremely complicated (click on the link above and watch his video), walk away. The nature of being is such that truth always has an eloquent simplicity and no one appreciated this fact more than Sir Francis Bacon and his entourage.

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1615 – 2015

Door knocker for Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 in Atlanta, Georgia. “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Christian Scientists should look with startling familiarity at the design of the cross and crown. And then they should consider reading my page on why that might be so that she copied this design to adorn her textbook after deciding against Noah’s Ark.

Four hundred years ago, something magical happened in human history. A man you know of as William Shakespeare (the playwright, not the actor) and his tight-knit group of friends rallied to the side of their queen. With their back up against the wall after Pope Pius v issued the bull Regnans in Excelsis, which declared Queen Elizabeth of England excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church, they amassed political, scientific, and esoteric knowledge from all over the world in order to protect her. You see, William Shakespeare was Sir Francis Bacon, and Queen Elizabeth I was his mother. His life was the very definition of “for queen and country.”

Francis himself was a secretive person both by choice and by necessity. He learnt [sic] the use of ciphers early in his youth, first of all from his mother, Lady Ann Bacon, who used cipher in her literary works as well as letters, and later when he was employed by Lord Burghley and Sir Francis Walsingham on intelligence matters both at home and abroad. Francis’ brother Anthony was likewise employed, traveling to France and elsewhere for this and other purposes, where he remained for over twelve years. When Anthony finally returned to England in 1592, Francis, by request of the Queen, “knit” his brother’s services to Essex. Anthony thereafter acted as a virtual secretary of state to the Earl and the Queen with intelligence. Together the brothers set up their own intelligence headquarters in London, assisted by top agents and cryptologists such as Thomas Phelippes, Anthony Standen, Henry Wotton and Nicholas Faunt, who between them had traveled widely and were highly trained and experienced.

Francis Bacon Research Trust, Baconian-Rosecrucian Ciphers by Peter Dawkins

At present, I use both “the Bard and his men” and “the Bard and his entourage,” to describe Sir Francis Bacon and his circle of friends. Who exactly are these men? According to Peter Dawkins, the “main ones” are:

My notes indicate that I think Ben Johnson and Sir Henry Nevil should be added to this list. I include this list as a convenience for those who wish to study this subject more in-depth. The list above in combination with my additions is my working definitive list of Sir Francis Basons cohorts. 

“Designed History”

The knowledge they amassed gave birth to the Globe Theatre and some of the finest literature of all time. But then it happened. Supernova SN1604, no less special in the history of mankind than the Star of Bethlehem, awoke in these men a desire to shape the course of history in the Western world. Sir Francis Bacon refers to this Globe Theatre roadshow—as I like to think of it,—as “new experiments, which form a kind of Designed History” in his Alphabet of Nature.  (For a complete translation of this “fragment,” see Number 43 and the end times on page № 28. A date with destiny.) The poem inscribed on the memorial plaque on Shakespeare’s funerary monument reinforces this idea of a “designed history.” Here is the very last thought in that poem. I am using a typewriter font to align the two occurrences of the letters TT as they are on the monument. 

                                                   ALL HE HATH WRITT,


Here the Bard and his men are using “living art” where I prefer “living symbolism”  on this website. What does that mean? It means a really smart group of men who lived over 400 years ago molded the future with the same certainty a potter molds clay. It means you live in a world they created, so much so that the tired ole “explaining water to a fish” analogy always comes to mind in this context,—whenever I try to explain the extent to which these men defined the world in which we live. The Oak Island subplot comes readily to mind in this context, but the reality is that the Bard and his men achieved such an advanced understanding of the human character that they decided to take control of history itself in such a way that would extend way past their life span, 400 years past to be exact.

To catch the spirit of what was happening at this time with Sir Francis Bacon and his circle of friends, I would point out what surprisingly no one else of whom I am aware has ever noticed, which is that this widely known “Temple of the Rose Cross” drawing from Daniel Mögling’s Speculum Sophicum Rhodostauroticum (Mirror of the Wisdom of the Rosy Cross) published in 1618 is the Globe Theatre on wheels

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The Temple of the Rose Cross  is the Globe Theatre on wheels

The really big question is, Do these guys really have specific knowledge of the end-time? Page № 33. Mary Baker Eddy and the end-time offers proof of this, but I put as much salt in my analysis of one of the most important,—if not the most important,—Rosicrusion image very carefully designed in Elizabethan England when these boys were launching the ship we read about in The Tempest (discussed below). For sure I stand on the shoulders of other men,—and here I am speaking primarily of Peter Dawkins and Petter Amundsen,—but there is a slew of other Baconians and code-breakers out there without whom this world would be unknown to me, but I fear those men and women have made grievous mistakes. Here is what Wikipedia says about the manuscript that included this drawing.

Speculum Sophicum Rhodostauroticum (“The Mirror of the Wisdom of the Rosy Cross”) is an early text of Rosicrucianism, published in 1618 by the pseudonymous “Theophilus Schweighardt Constantiens”, believed to be Daniel Mögling (1596–1635), an alchemist, physician and astronomer [read Ћinkers].

Wikipedia, Speculum Sophicum Rhodostauroticum

WORKING HERE April 1, 2021…

My analysis of the Speculum Sophicum Rhodostauroticum (“The Mirror of the Wisdom of the Rosy Cross”) woodcut that follows is a radical departure from anything of which I know exists, be it scholarly papers, lectures captured on YouTube videos, magazine articles, etc. As I state elsewhere on this website, it took me a long time to realize that these guys really are good at keeping secrets. As far as I know, I am the first person to discuss what is happening at this level of detail. While I respect the likes of Peter Dawkins, Baconians one and all missed the boat. They do not have the big picture. Given the level of abstraction, it has taken to crack this nut, I am confident in saying that a full understanding of how Sir Francis Bacon and his entourage changed history with the concept of “living art” (best thought of as orchestrating history from the grave)  exists on this website and on this website only.  

So I want to take another opportunity to provide you with evidence that it is the intent of the Bard and his circle of friends to project themselves into the future, which is to say to control thought well after they die. In fact, 400 years into the future. So far I have discussed the “Designed History” reference in the Alphabet of Nature. I led with that because as you will see at the bottom of this homepage, these men make highly skillful use of the Double Tau’s ambiguous meaning to make their readers seek out the Alphabet of Nature to try to sort out all the different Tau symbols” Tau (Christ Jesus), Double Tau (ambiguous meaning and deliberately confused with the publisher of the First Folio whose initials were T.T.), Triple Tau, (the Bard and his men followed by the Royal Arch Freemasons), and Quadruple Tau (the public or the uninitiated). This I believe is done to introduce the reader to the numeric value of (T=19 + 24 letters in the Elizabethan England Alphabet equals) 43 for the Double Tau. That 43 is April 2, 1312. The only way one can be sure of this is by analyzing the Rebis woodcut which “disowns” 43 by saying more or less, “A square has four sides and a pyramid has three sides. This is not our number.” At that point, the initiate begins to realize there is something more happening than meets the eye. But I am getting ahead of myself. 

Next, I introduced you to the idea that the Globe Theatre is The Temple of the Rose Cross on wheels. Now I am going to take one last opportunity to make my point by explaining something about the manifestos. 

  1. get Peter on video explaining how the title changed in the second printing
  2. compare the dropped text to the 1780 version
  3. talk about PhD paper on Fragment discussed above. This was not published until 1885 but is assumed (?) to have been written by Bacon
  4. Then show how the 1780 book intrduced that a prototype of the actual Roaly Arch symbol
  5. include full title page (three images…find a better way to stitch them togeteher)
  6. skip to bottom of page and explain how TT is used to capture the imagination of the naturally curious. 
  7. T tables at his 60 birthday (need to find that text). Consider moving comments about the Fragment idea as mysterious Other TT intrigues such as the memorials TT is everywhere for a reason
  8. make the point that by projecting 1681 – 1614/1615 (CS 16th chapter) Johann Valentin Andreä


requently by Johann Valentin Andreae (1587–1654) in [there is an author mixup…could not have published 1680 book…he was author of what was thought to be a third manifesto

Johann Valentin Andreä

make sure this is consistent with whatever Peter is saying…

…in 1614, there appeared an anonymous tract written in German: Allgemeine und general Reformation der gantzen weiten Welt. Though this was only discovered later, the first part was largely a re-elaboration of a satire written by Traiano Boccalini and published in 1612-3, called Ragguagli di Parnaso.

The second part, however, took the form of a manifesto, entitled Fama fraternitatis R.C. In this, the mysterious confraternity of the Rosicrucians openly declared its existence, supplying details concerning its own history as well as that of its mythical founder, Christian Rosencreutz.

In the following year, 1615, the German manifesto was republished together with a second manifesto, written this time in Latin, with the title Confessio fraternitatis Roseae crucisAd eruditos Europae (we shall use the first English translation, The Fame and the Confession of the Fraternity of R.C., London, 1652).

Samizdat (, The Mirror of the Wisdon of the Rosy Cross

There is a very specific reason why this encryption was introduced to the world as a fragment of a lost book. It gives the subject an air of mystery not unlike trying to read fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Alphabet of Nature is central to everything for someone who is on the trail of the Bard. I can absolutely guarantee you there was never a book. I think I am the first person to clearly see how central this so-called fragment is to everything. 

I am about to let you into my world. Explain to me, please, why I am the first one seeing this? Am I wrong? The real problem is that I saw it instantly. Mind you, this image has been around for a very long time and has been studied by countless scholars. 

For one, this is a mirror image. I’m sure someone must have noticed that. I mean the Latin title Speculum Sophicum Rhodostauroticum translates to “The Mirror of the Wisdom of the Rosy Cross.


The key to understanding this esoteric drawing is the Latin word “VIDEAMINI,” which both and the University of Notre Dame: Latin-English dictionary says is a conjugation of the Latin verb video in the second-person plural present passive subjunctive. I lack the expertise to fully analyze the significance of this conjugation other than to say of course the second-person plural is ye, y’all, or more popularly you guys. I sense the conjugation is important because the definition of this verb in the passive voice is considerably different than in the active voice and is given in several sources as seem, seem good, appear, or be seen. However, in the active voice, the Latin verb video has the meaning of to see, look at, consider, reflect (upon), observe, perceive, discern, understand, or comprehend. 

However, the important thing to notice is first and foremost that the verb videamini is touching Ophiuchus, the constellation in which SN 1604 appeared. This is the connection to the center of the galaxy. Beyond the aging William Shakespeare and Sir Francis Bacon, this is why SN 1604 was a call to arms, to look to posterity, to take what was happening in the Globe Theatre on the road. Now look on the other side of the drawing and you will see that videamini is mirrored. The right side of the drawing is a mirror or reflection of the left. This is extremely important to notice because this is why the symbolism has been misinterpreted for so long. 

The correct interpretation

As you will hear from Peter Dawkins momentarily, supposedly the inspiration for this woodcut comes from SN1604. But I see something more. The man jumping off the cliff is the Bard. This is a metaphor for projecting himself into the future beyond the time of his death. His mirror image on the left side of the drawing is Noah’s Ark, which symbolizes the coming Earth crustal displacement, which is to say, the apocalypse. As stated in my definition of the Ћinkers, which can be found at the top of the Sitemap, he has thrown his sword and hat before leaping off the cliff himself. This represents the idea that “knowledge is power” and explains why two birds had to be added to the mirror image of Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark resting on a mountain top represents their knowledge of the end time. This is what no one else has ever seen, yet it is what this drawing is all about. The winged messages above the leaping Sir Francis Bacon and Noah’s Ark leave no room for doubt that the two are to be equated.

The Bard and his men are about to embark on one of the most ambitious efforts in all of history to warn mankind that the “day of the Lord” is upon us. You must make this connection for yourself in order to properly understand what is being said. 

As with most things concerning Sir Francis Bacon, I first became aware of the significance of SN1604 through Peter Dawkins. He does not see what I do. I would not put a lot of emphasis on his comments about planetary alignments. Planetary alignments are electromagnetically insignificant.

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The Wings

“Beneath the shadow on thy wings,” says Peter Dawkins in the above YouTube video, “is the motto of the Rosicrucians.” This use of wings in Rosicrucian woodcuts is always a reference to the efforts of Sir Francis Bacon and his entourage to raise the level of consciousness among the commoners. The wings also appear on the title page of the King James Bible. In fact, it is interesting to compare the wings on the KJV and The Temple of the Rose Cross woodcut.

There is a definite similarity.

The Swan

Knight of the Swan

The swan in Daniel Mögling’s drawing is a reference to the Cygnus constellation but symbolically represents the Bard. Ben Johnson’s eulogy to Sir Francis Bacon in the First Folio entitled To the memory of my Beloved, the Author Mr. William Shakespeare: And What He Hath Left Us included this reference to Sir Francis Bacon

Sweet Swan of Avon! what a sight it were
To see thee in our water yet appear,
And make those flights upon the banks of Thames
That so did take Eliza, and our James!
But stay, I see thee in the hemisphere
Advanc’d, and made a constellation there!

This is recalling a luminous blue variable know as P Cygni which was first observed in Cygnus in 1600. This star is no longer thought of as a nova.

Beyond providing the mirror for Ophiuchus in The Temple of the Rose Cross woodcut, the swan also makes an appearance on the title page of the King James Bible, again with a faint hint of the wings discussed above.

Why is the swan or Cygnus constellation of such importance to the Bard and his men? Because of its position in the night sky. Few people understand this symbolism because they focus too much on the “wisdom” stuff and not enough on the end of the world stuff.

As you can see, Cygnus is soaring over Aquarius and Capricorn, where all the action is taking place in the end time. This bird’s eye view suggests what Noah’s Ark in The Temple of the Rose Cross woodcut makes perfectly clear, which is that these people know what is happening. They have specific knowledge of the end time. And they are keeping an eye on Capricornus, which represents the bankers. Aquarius is the people.

But the real focus is on Ophiuchus or the center of the galaxy. This is why VIDEAMINI is upside down next to the swan representing Cygnus but is one of the most readable words in the whole drawing at the foot of Ophiuchus. The foot of Ophiuchus is touching VIDEAMINI because this is where SN1604 appeared in the constellation. I probably say it too often, but SN1604 is as important as the Star of Bethlehem for this generation.

Bacon and his entourage know
Original woodcut
Color enhanced version
Flag of Nazi America [from The Man in the High Castle television series], part of the Greater Nazi Reich. (Credit Wikipedia)

Most of what I talk about in the Our Entirely Fabricated Reality menu is the work of the bankers. But the Ћinkers? Oh my God, without these guys fighting back against the highly predictable dragon-like tendencies of some of the players in this drama, honestly? I think the United States of America would be something I do not want to describe. The movie The Man in the High Castle comes to mind. The attempted coup during WWII, the so-called Business Plot was real, I assure you. The attempted coup is so named because it was the work of the bankers.

Instead, we live in a world that includes Disneyland, Star Trek, and a movie industry that is the envy of the world. I say again, the Bard had a measure of the Christ in him. One thing I can tell you for sure is no other man before or after the Bard has had such an impact on humanity since the Nazarene.

So the Bard and his entourage founded what we know of today as the secret societies,—the Rosicrucians, and a year later the Freemasons—to perpetuate the knowledge they amassed in defense of their queen.

The depth of symbolism in this image is incalculable, from the 666 encoded in the faces at the top of the image to the mother swan at the bottom.

One of their first major accomplishments was the King James Bible, which contains encoded information about the end timesincluding the year of the apocalypse—that does not exist in any other translation of the Holy Bible in existence.

Heretofore unrecognized by even the greatest Shakespeare scholars, “The Temple of the Rose Cross” by Daniel Mögling, 1618, is the Globe Theatre on wheels and contains immeasurably important and unmistakable evidence that the Rosicrucians are fully aware of the fast-approaching end time

They were also instrumental in the founding of the United States of America. But they were not alone in their knowledge of the end times. A people commonly referred to as the European Illuminati, the descendants of the Knights Templar, which is to say—the European bankers, opposed them. As always the bankers sought to control everything and in what is commonly misunderstood as the Civil War, one of the bloodiest wars of all time, they took control of the United States of America, its government, and military. This is an age-old battle between two factions of what Virgil and I refer to as the progeny of Jove, one that dates back to the ancient Greeks whose antediluvian knowledge of the end times was consumed by the ravenous Romans. Virgil himself was the progeny of Jove. He was not only one of them, but a leader. As the Bard is to the Ћinkers, so is Virgil to the bankers. So you see this is how they think of themselves. I did not invent the term.

Like the mythological Phoenix, the remnant of the Freemasons in Atlanta, Georgia rose from the ashes so famously “Gone with the Wind” and finished the work of the Bard and his entourage by erecting the Georgia Guidestones, a grossly misunderstood warning to all of mankind that we really do live in the end time.

Believing the unthinkable is not only possible but happening in the here and now is not for the faint of heart. None of us want to seriously contemplate this reality. Doing so subjects a person to the judgment of loved ones and society in general. The author of this website began his journey to An Apocalyptic Synthesis wanting only to write a book entitled “3100 B.C.” I had many inspirations to do so, but none as important as What Really Happened in 3100 BC – and Where Are We Headed Now? by Bruce Scofield. Along the way, I happily found the answer to this lifelong question, but I did not stop there. I kept going.

I never wanted to be this guy. But day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year, the evidence kept mounting until finally, I realized everything is one thing. Everybody was talking about the same thing. This was the last of five principles I discovered were fundamental to understanding what is happening.

I didn’t want to be this guy. Seriously!

Everything was pointing to an imminent Earth crustal displacement. When I crossed the line from “What happened in 3100 B.C.?” at first the question was, Are we really living in the end time? But now about the only question left me is, Do the progeny of Jove know the exact date? That an Earth crustal displacement is expected in the next few years is for me beyond question. They at least toy with the idea of an exact date in the all-important Tomorrowland movie, which you will soon discover is more important to eschatology or the study of the end time than the Book of Daniel and The Revelation combined. Those are ancient documents, but this is all happening in the here and now.

Is there an exact date?

The possibility of there being an exact date for the Apocolypse is much older than the Tomorrowland movie. As discussed in Berossus Caldeus and the “final catastrophe”, Seneca the Younger says Berosus, a Chaldean priest of Bel in Babylon “remembered for his passing on knowledge of the origins of Babylon to the ancient Greeks…assigns a definite date both for the conflagration and the deluge.” This was circa 290 B.C.

The 1.08 billion-year-old
Pikes Peak Batholith

Eventually, what you will learn on this website is that all of what we know of as history can be explained in the following image of the Pikes Peak batholith in the Front Range near Denver, Colorado. Wikipedia,—an important tool of the progeny of Jove and a future educational toy for their children in the next world,—describes the batholith with highly unusual specificity.

The Pikes Peak granite is a 1.08 billion-year-old widespread geologic formation found in the central part of the Front Range of Colorado.

Wikipedia, Pikes Peak granite [emphasis added]

The Prize

This is where you will find Virgil’s “vault profound” as discussed on page № 58. Virgil’s “Vault Profound” in the Front Range. There is no other granite batholith at such a high altitude and so far from an ocean shore anywhere else in the world. It is the ideal location for surviving an Earth crustal displacement. And there is irrefutable evidence in Rosslyn Chapel that a people I call the progeny of Jove (at the time they were known as the Knights Templar) were not only aware of this long before Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492, but visited North America before then on several occasions. Indeed, there is reason to believe some of them lived here after leaving France. Their fleet only disappeared in the eyes of the ruling elite at the time and in our so-called history books.


Crying wolf

We live in a perverse reality in which the Electric Universe guys are rewriting science while being completely ignored by academia and mainstream, consensus science. The world of the mathematically insane is shrinking all the time and yet they continue to strut around as if nothing is happening. To be sure, December 21, 2012, was the greatest crying wolf incidence of all time. But those who took the ball and ran with it in traditional books and in a plethora of Internet websites—all claiming to have divined the meaning of the Maya Long Count—were not attacked as they would be in today’s political correctness environment. They were not told what to think. The most massive propaganda machine in the history of mankind lay dormant. Everyone was free to think for themselves about the meaning of the Maya Long Count and what the public was being told was the end date. Rather than being dismissed as a disrespectable subject, serious research was done into the meaning and history of the Long Count.

Thus did the progeny of Jove throw the apocalypse off-switch in the popular imagination with the same ease one turns off an overhead light.

They did nothing more than idle their thought control machine. And then,—in the aftermath of December 21, 2012,—they let the peanut gallery loose on the charlatans who found an audience amongst the unsuspecting public. It worked. Trust me. No one alive knows how well it worked better than me. Everything changed on the morning of December 22, 2012. Henceforth, such nonsense would not be tolerated by the worldly-wise. What decent, law-abiding citizen would besmirch their own reputation by entertaining the notion of a planetary catastrophe? Rubbish!! What nonsense.


The beginning of the end

Having allowed that demon to be exercised to its fullest, the progeny of Jove got to work on the real business of the end time. For the Ћinkers, this meant going into high gear trying to warn the people. Consequently, here is where I keep my definitive list of end-time warnings since 1980. The list reduces to the following five items.

  • The Georgia Guidestones
  • The Matrix movie. This movie provided a critically important symbolic language, such as the meaning of the red pill, readily understood by the public
  • The 2012 movie and the subsequent declassification of The Adam and Eve Story [a crash course in magnetohydrodynamics and the philosophical arguments for and against telling the people]
  • The Black Hole and Tomorrowland movies [the “black hole” symbolically marks the outer bounds of this house of horrors]
  • The “Apocalyptic Pillar” at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
  • The Back to the Future and The Walk movies [a dramatic farewell from the people who risked their lives to try to warn us that this is reality, not a movie]

This may not seem like an impressive list to you, but each of these warnings has a huge story behind it. The level of planning here is intense. What I believe to be probably only a handful of Freemason families in the South who were isolated and cut off from the progeny of Jove by the Civil War but retained specific information about the end time are on a mission very much in the here and now to awaken you from your uniformitarian dream of life (in which planetary catastrophes only happen in movies). They got their marching orders from the Bard.

The fireworks finale of end-times warnings from the Ћinkers
  • December 21, 1979: Release of The Black Hole movie
  • March 22, 1980: Unveiling of the Georgia Guidestones monument
  • July 3, 1985: Release of the Back to the Future movie
  • 1997: The “Apocalyptic Pillar” (a popular name I condone) at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
  • March 31, 1999: Release of the Matrix movie.
  • 2004: 400th anniversary of SN1604 and the commissioning of the King James Bible
  • April 27, 2006: Construction of the Twin Towers begins
  • November 13, 2009: Release of the 2012 movie. This movie is of profound importance to the overall message of the Ћinkers. It introduces the concept of magnetohydrodynamics as the cause of an Earth crustal displacement which is later confirmed as the what of the apocalypse by the timely declassification of The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms on the feast of John the Baptist day on June 24. I thoroughly dissect this movie.
  • 2011: The 400th anniversary of the King James Bible
  • March 22, 2013: The Georgia Guidestones monument unveiled 33 years ago
  • June 24, 2013: Declassification of The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms
  • August 2013: Filming of Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland begins
  • December 16, 2013: The actual end date of the Maya Long Count. Nobody cares. Trust me. But look around you. This definitive list of end-time warnings is clear evidence that the Ћinkers are heavily invested in 2013. Why? And why—listen up—why did Sir Francis Bacon and his entourage publish the King James Bible in 1611 and not 1612? I can’t be the only person who has ever asked this question. The Bard had his hands full without publishing what was clearly going to be a landmark book exactly four hundred years before what he knew would be foisted on the people as the end date of the Maya Long Count. I think telling us this was part of the decision to publish a year early in 2011. Now we have three things falling short: the December 16 date is five days (one Wayeb) short of the winter solstice; 2011 + 400 years is one year short of December 21, 2012; and the end of 13 baktuns on December 21, 2012, is one year short of the end of the Maya Long Count. See a pattern here? The highly convenient crying wolf mechanism of 13 baktuns ending on December 21, 2012, was amazingly well tolerated, if not encouraged, by mainstream media, but December 16, 2013, is the actual end date of the Maya Long Count after the two smaller gears that conceptually represent their months and days come to a stop. And the five missing days in the December 16, 2012, end date which at first seems almost perverse? I discuss this on page № 20. Maya Long Count. That is the equivalent of the Wayeb and an instruction to add five to something. If you add five to the end of 13 baktuns on December 21, 2012, you get 2017, the year of the asterism in The Revelation. Did I just derail? Am I trying to sell you a bill of goods? What I know for sure is that there are three gears in the design of the Long Count. When the big gear stops you are at December 21, 2012. If the other two keep turning until they reset you are at December 16, 2013, five days short of the winter solstice, which makes absolutely no sense unless you read my page № 20. Maya Long Count where I discuss the Great Wayeb of five years. But there is a larger issue here concerning who designed the Maya Long Count. Can you not see the emphasis being placed on the number 13 here? Are we being asked to accept that it is just a coincidence that this happens to be the end of 13 baktuns? Might this have something to do with the fact that thirteen is smeared all over our one-dollar bill? We have no idea who designed the Maya Long Count. The people from India say they were adepts. I say sailing back and forth between Europe and the Americans was a common thing long before the Nazarene was born. It strains credulity, I know, but for whatever reason, the 13 baktuns in the Maya Long Count and 2013 represent the same thing. The implications are a master designer, but I no longer discuss that topic on this website. It strains credulity. And to the worldly-wise who are sitting on the other end of this communication looking for a comment button so that you can tell me the GMT correlation date was not arrived at until the year 1905 and therefore Bacon could not have known anything about 2012—yada yada yada—I say this isn’t my first rodeo. Neither was Christ Jesus born in the year 1 A.D. All three factions of the progeny of Jove are heavily invested in both of these dates. These two dates are sacred ground. I could go on for hours, but this is not the place. For now, I ask you to believe me that there is sufficient evidence in the Tomorrowland movie alone of what I discuss as the two fives that take us from 2012 to 2017 and from 2017 to 2022. As of this writing, that discussion remains as one of the few things I have yet to move from the now-defunct The 216 Club page where for a while I discussed selected issues with only a handful of my largest donors. Everything is out in the public now. Neither of these two dates of great historical interest is off by more than a few years. In the case of the GMT correlation date, archeology has verified the accuracy of the date to within a few years on several occasions. But were these two dates finetuned by the people I call the progeny of Jove? Yes. I believe so. For example, in the case of the GMT correlation date, I find it interesting that 2012 is exactly 700 years after 1312, the year in which both 322 and 43 were defined, both of which numbers are prominent in what I refer to as the “numerical signature” designed into The World Trade Center before the first blueprints ever produced. This subject is discussed in the section entitled The World Trade Center was designed and built to be destroyed on page № 28. A Date with Destiny.
  • May 22, 2015: Release of Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland. Here I must confess something; I was wrong. Tomorrowland was not the last warning. The Walk was, but it was written for a very select audience. So maybe Tomorrowland is the last warning for the masses. Fully analyzing this movie is the end product of An Apocalyptic Synthesis. If I were a glory hunter, I would drop everything and rewrite this page and the page on the Georgia Guidestones. But what directs my path is always where I am learning. I assure you I have a proper reverence for this movie. Lately, my thought has been that I am ready to tackle both of these huge pages and I am working in that direction
  • September 7, 2015: This is the birthday of Queen Elizabeth I in what would have been the (2015 – 1558 =) 457th year of her reign. Some readers may not know November 17 is Queene’s Day and celebrates the accession of Queen Elizabeth I to the throne of England on November 17, 1558. As further stated in Wikipedia, “Observance of the accession was a national holiday in England and Wales for about 300 years, often with the building of enormous bonfires.” So you ask yourself, Why 2015? Why are the Ћinkers closing up shop in 2015? Well, my guess is that this is celebrating 400 years since the founding of the Rosicrucians (one year after the first manifesto was published), which is to say taking the Globe Theatre on the road to America,—Georgia to be more precise, in the capable hands of the Freemasons with the Rosicrucians in the background. But in a world where numbers are expected to manifest perfection, 457 is also the 43rd Pythagorean prime. This is the same 43 as found on the Rosicrucian Rebis woodcut and which is part of the European Illuminati “numerical signature” in the design of the World Trade Center. By the way, I did not discover this signature (though I did discover its meaning beyond the number 322). I faithfully credited the author of the website where I discovered it for a very long time even though he was otherwise a really bad version of me. But the website disappeared shortly thereafter and then the link became a threat to visiting computers. I fully explain the significance of the number 43 in the section entitled Number 43 and the end times on page № 28. A Date with Destiny. The date September 7, 2015, is also an integral part of the numerical signature the Ћinkers used to announce the end of the road for them, which numerical signature includes the release dates of the last two end-time warnings, the Tomorrowland and The Walk movies. What I am about to explain is an example of what I call a “numeric signature.” They never violate the simplicity principle and usually include both dates and sacred numbers.
    Rebis lives in me


    The Tomorrowland movie was released 108 days before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. If you have read everything above on this homepage, then I do not need to explain to you the significance of Queen Elizabeth I’s birthday. The Walk was released 23 days after September 7, 2015. I know there are no more end-time warnings from the Ћinkers because of the 23 days. That is Ћinker-talk for “It’s time for the show.” And it is a clear indication that nothing is to follow. So what or who is Rebis? If Rebis is supposed to unite the masculine and the feminine, as is abundantly clear in the symbolism, the masculine is the bankers “dustifying” the Twin Towers and the feminine is the Ћinkers, whose most poetic expression since the days of the Bard can be found in The Walk. How appropriate! A movie in combination with Back to the Future that evidences foreknowledge of the destruction of the Twin Towers! The movie The Walk was our last end-time warning and it is stunningly beautiful. But I fear only a handful of people will ever partake of its full beauty. That truly is in the eye of the beholder. Thus I would take The Walk as the epitome of the female half of Rebis.

  • September 30, 2015: Release of The Walk. The beauty of The Walk is indescribable, the symbolism alive, the message…the message rivals that of President Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in solemnity. My poor ability to lift the reader to such lofty heights feels now a heavy weight on me. I will try though. The symbolic tightrope stretches from July 3, 1985, the release date for Back to the Future to this date, September 30, 2015, the release date for The Walk. The producer of these two movies is the person walking the tightrope. This is not a movie that can be judged by its budget (unless you realize the 35 million dollar budget is a reference to 1735, the year the Grand Lodge of Georgia was established). I’m pretty sure these are the same boys who just got done building the Georgia Guidestones. Tomorrowland had a budget of 190 million dollars. The people working on this movie are inspired by something more maintaining their level of income. I would humbly suggest to you that Philippe Petit was part of this movie, not the other way around. That may explain why this movie has more passion than a thousand sultry paperback novels.
  • September 23, 2017: I dedicate an entire page to this subject. One that is in bad need of rewriting I might add. The page number is № 23. The Great Wonder was an asterism on September 23, 2017 (923). I was working on it four or five months ago when an intellectual contributor pointed out to me evidence that the producers are aware of this date. Frankly, everything that has happened since then is a blur. I’ll tell you a secret. I’m not making this up,—I have a drawer full of notes of what at least was at the time astounding breakthroughs in understanding. I can’t even find the time to get to them now. What they say is something of a mystery to me at the moment. I fear I have left yet another trail of mess behind me because I have been learning at an astounding speed ever since. I tell you of a truth there is a direct line between finding the evidence that Tomorrowland is aware of the September 23, 2017 date and this major addition to my homepage. It never stops. Everything just becomes more clear to me.
July 4, 2017 Fireworks Finale at the Magic Kingdom

And what did we do with all these warnings? That is the subject of the section that holds the distinction of the longest section name on the entire website: Tomorrowland is the Ћinkers thinking out loud about how to warn us—all previous efforts including the Georgia Guidestones having failed at the top of page № 22. Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland movie: Final notice for the masses.

I want to share a scene with you from the 2012 movie released on November 13, 2009. I generally do not watch horror movies, but the feeling I had when I watched this scene is—I imagine—something akin to how a person feels while watching that genre of film. This scene is a confirmation of the theme set for my corresponding page in its title № 4. JFK was murdered as a warning to future presidents of the United States of America. As you can clearly see, the White House is crushed by the USS John F. Kennedy (the murder of JFK). It has been nothing but an empty shell ever since. No man dare exercise the power constitutionally invested in the Executive Office of the President of the United States. No man. Now would be a good time to remember what is at stake. It is not your freedom. It is the survival of the species.

I would be sympathetic to the criticism of an overactive imagination were it not for the fact this is Washington, D.C. I grew up in the Virginia suburbs, inside the beltway which is why I sound like a Yankee. One thing I can tell you for sure is that Washington D. C. is a long way from the Atlantic Ocean. Yet in the movie the USS John F. Kennedy lands on top of the White House some 158 plus miles or two and a half hours driving away from the Atlantic Ocean. No, I’m pretty sure there’s a message there. I discuss the murder of JFK on page № 4. JFK was murdered as a warning to future presidents of the United States of America. Note that the man playing the president in this movie is killed by the USS John F. Kennedy. How are we to interpret this? This scene is a reminder of what happens to people who get in the way of the progeny of Jove. Now mind you, bankers don’t make movies. (They just kill the people who get in their way.) So this friendly reminder is from the Ћinkers.

All of this reminds me of a scene from Apocalypse Now.

Oh, the horror!
In my world, number 13 is the gateway to knowledge


The last two end-time warnings

The last two end-time warnings are the Tomorrowland and The Walk movies. How sure am I that these movies are the last two end-time warnings? Well now let’s think about this for a minute. These are dates, and they are the release dates of the last two end-times warnings from the people tasked to warn us by no less than the Bard. On a scale of 1 to 100—no STOP. There is no scale for this. How likely is it that there is profound meaning embedded into those two dates,—what I call a numerical signature? Well, I am delighted to say I got its key on my first try. How? Am I so smart? No. But I did have an advantage. Unlike perhaps some of you, I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that there was not only meaning but profound meaning to be found in these two dates. If I am batshit crazy, how come I intuitively understand everything the Ћinkers do? My analysis of the numerical signature that includes these two release dates is included in the definitive list of end-time warnings above.

Thus we come to the end of my homepage timeline. The Ћinkers left us a farewell worthy of the Bard.

The Walk

On Christmas eve, 2020, I watched The Walk for the first time. The beauty and simplicity of its symbolism brought tears to my eyes. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I was not alone. I have met my equal.

In a new section entitled The Walk on page № 7. The real horror of September 11, 2001 (9/11) is the truth I discuss the relevance of this movie to the end time, but only a handful of you will ever accept the truth that planning for 9/11 started even before they broke ground for the World Trade Center on August 5, 1966, where eminent domain was used against the will of the people to demolish 13 square blocks of Radio Row. But we knew this even before watching The Walk because the progeny of Jove numerically signed the entire World Trade Center during the design process, —high-level decisions which had to be made before the first blueprints ever existed, even before 911 became the national emergency number. You can even see it in the Blazing Star (a Seyfert galaxy exploding) of The Walk poster below. Of the handful that will accept this level of planning, even fewer will fully grasp the beauty and simplicity of this movie’s symbolism. It has an indescribable, almost god-like character. In truth, it was so beautiful in my eyes that I thought I was dreaming until I heard the “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” and “no one is listening” at 53:00 minutes. Then I knew, no matter what this world thinks of me, I stood shoulder to shoulder with the Bard himself. I am doing his work. Nor do I think the Nazarene would judge me too harshly. How could he if only I hear everything?

I can no longer pretend that I am not an important part of what is happening. No one else hears everything as I do. I can’t explain it. Whatever is happening, I cannot escape the necessity of doing this work. If I am the only one to hear, let it be known to the progeny of Jove that at least one of us “did not go gentle into that good night.” We were here. We were not all asleep.

What The Walk taught me is that the Twin Towers are an end-time marker as important as the Georgia Guidestones and Tomorrowland. Moreover, everything is happening in the here and now. We are “at the doors.” I no longer care what the world thinks. The slings and arrows of the worldly-wise no longer matter to me. We are living in the end time. One needs only to open their eyes to see it. I can show you.

Joel 2:28-30
And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: and also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.
Acts 2:17
And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams
I hereby claim my rightful place among these harbingers of the apocalypse, and what greater honor is there in the end time? This website is my message to mankind. As I hear, I speak. Heed our warning, and you, your loved one, and your children may live to see the dawn of a new age.

The ancients really are screaming at us. And I really can hear them, but as Philippe Petit says in The Walk, “no one is listening.” No one. Thus my knowledge of what is about to happen is reduced to a poetic outcry.

With gratitude to the artists: Simon & Garfunkel and Disturbed, The Sound of Silence (which has been close to me my entire life). Thank you Disturbed. I love you guys. Nothing or no one has ever come closer to my heart.

A madness haunts me
and much abounds
in winds of lavender
and lilac smells.
G.W. on the piano
And me, in perfect hell.

Yet speak I must for, as Alexander Pope said,
“I lisped in numbers, for the numbers came.”

Not “unfinished” or incomplete, Michelangelo’s work represents individual consciousness imprisoned in the collective consciousness or what might be described as popular thought. The Bible refers to this slavish state of mind when it says “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate.” This is precisely what Michelangelo wants to represent in marble.

Because of a people the Latin poet Publius Vergilius Maro (Virgil) called the “progeny of Jove” (Jove being the second hand of a celestial doomsday clock), the masses are entombed in a prison of lies that they are told is the epitome of thousands of years of human development. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The “deep state” vs. The Matrix
The runtime for the first two Matrix movies is 2 hours and 16 minutes. 216 is the most sacred of all the sacred numbers.

The fanciful notion of a deep state in control of the United States of America does not come even remotely close to the reality I uncovered writing An Apocalyptic Synthesis. Alice in Wonderland would be a better analogy. I am utterly convinced that The Wachowskis, who wrote and directed The Matrix movie, did so because they wanted to artistically convey the reality of what I discuss on this website. However, unlike the Matrix, this website is not a work of fiction.

You need to temporarily suspend your incredulity long enough to give yourself a fighting chance to internalize the existence of a completely hidden world as postulated by An Apocalyptic Synthesis, one I dare say is so foreign to most of you that it might best be described as an alternate reality.

In short, a sea change in thinking is requisite on your part.

To expedite your learning, over a period of years I identified five fundamental principles of An Apocalyptic Synthesis in the section named appropriately enough The five fundamental principles of An Apocalyptic Synthesis on page № 101. About this Website.

If you ever arrive at a moment in time when you begin to contemplate the possibility that I am not batshit crazy, please remember to study these “principles.” I had to learn them all by myself. Think of me as having charted the waters.

At any given moment when the weight of exploring the unknown for a highly critical audience becomes more than I can bear and I cry out for help in a room that is forever empty and silent except for the echoes of my rage, I have what I have come to characterize as a batshit crazy moment. Oh no! Run for safety! I feel one coming on now…follow those bouncing balls!

Now allow me to explain what just happened—to say, help you navigate the website better. I fight against an army of ghost warriors. They exist in thought only. On this battlefield, I occasionally find myself encircled with prospects so grizzly that I abandon reason altogether and declare my primacy. I paid dearly for that privilege. Figuratively speaking, I take my sword in both hands and begin twirling creating a circle of death someone must cross to get to me—on the brink of death and wanting to be defiant until the end. That is what I call a batshit crazy moment, a term my younger half-brother—who I lost to this world—once applied to my work and by extension to me.

In truth, this video is usually just badly needed levity from time to time to help keep my feet on the ground, and I get to chose when.

This time I had a batshit crazy moment because I am about to share something with you that I wrote in a very inspired state of mind—my introduction to sacred numbers. This was the last section I wrote in this, the final version of my website’s all-important homepage. I waited a long time for the inspiration to do so. This is basically a summary of one of the most important things I can say to you, which is that you simply must develop a genuine respect for sacred numbers. It’s not numerology. It’s God. Like it or not.

The section that follows on the hitherto unknown world of numbers is not poetry, but it is not prose either. It is something in between.

In some ways, it is a plea for sanity. The symbolism used by the people I study deliberately provocative but always astrological in meaning (i.e. not what you think). Honestly, I would not steer you wrong. It has nothing to do with good or evil. But it has everything to do with the end of the Fifth World, which is just around the corner apparently.

“There is nothing either good or bad,
but thinking makes it so.”

So you see they are holding a mirror up to your God. And every time you attack their symbolism as somehow evil or worse yet as devil worship, you admit your belief in two opposing powers in eternity—a shallow proposition at best—and one that exposes the fact that you are not even the monotheist you claim to be. There are two supreme powers in your belief structure. To hell with them, here is wisdom. To believe that evil is an entity that resides in eternity is not monotheism, a fact which trashes almost every extant church doctrine across almost all Christian sects.

They’re just making fun of you. They flaunt the suggestion of evil because they disrespect your god. All I am trying to say is that everyone is looking at the same thing. Everyone is trying to describe their vision of what constitutes the essence of life. Whence cometh life? They are therefore attempting to describe the same thing. There cannot be multiple realities (i.e. multiple truths), despite the more recent flights of fancy of the mathematically insane. (Talk about the theatre of the absurd.) Everyone has the same God, share in the same reality. The divisions arise over how we choose to describe that reality. Having experienced “religion” myself, may I please introduce you to another way of describing the essence of being.

The hitherto unknown
world of numbers

There are two distinct factions within the progeny of Jove. As with all good Westerns, there are bad guys and there are good guys. The bad guys in this story are the Old World bankers who began life as the Knights Templar after retrieving an enormous wealth from underneath a Roman encampment where soldiers in the Legio X Fretensis buried it, the secret of its existence known only to a handful of the Roman elite, the progeny of Jove in their day. This faction is also known as the European Illuminati. The other faction is what I refer to as the purveyors of wisdom (though most people think of them as secret societiesthey’re the good guys in this story—infinitely more clever in maintaining their secrets than I originally conceived).

These two factions fought for control of the granite batholiths in the Front Range near to Denver, Colorado. The Old World bankers (a.k.a. European Illuminati) won a long time ago primarily on the battlefields of the Civil War but symbolically on October 30, 1928, when the descendants of the purveyors of wisdom in the defeated South gave the Stone of Destiny to the men who now control the entire Western world, and more importantly the granite tunnel system I like to refer to as the “vault profound” in the Front Range. I like to think of this as them saying Godspeed to the bankers. As I said, the game is over. They won. But to say the Freemasons of the South,—the descendants of men who founded this country,—giving the European Illuminati the Stone of Destiny was a magnanimous gesture would be like characterizing the Christ as a “nice guy.”

The overriding factor that unites these two factions is a specific knowledge of the end-times passed down from a previous world age. That is how I define “the progeny of Jove.” They know for sure that this is all real and not some whacky website thing (to put it mildly). How exact is their knowledge of the end time? This is an open question to which I have dedicated my life to discover. The answer to this question is at the heart of what I am trying to achieve with An Apocalyptic Synthesis.

I grew up with these guys. Playing one of their new 45s in the basement is one of my fondest childhood memories. I don’t remember if it was this one. We don’t have to sacrifice a desire to connect with the infinite because we abandon the church buildings. They are just buildings. We need to do our best acting in public, where it is most needed and I dare say better appreciated.

It needs to be said that John Lennon’s Imagine song is asking us to imagine a world not unlike the future envisaged by the Old World bankers, European Illuminati, or whatever you want to call the people who in the end,—after centuries of Borg-like, resistance-is-futile certainty,—are in control of damn near everything.

The progeny are proud to the point of being boastful that they are not religious. They disdain religion as did at least some of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. And yet I suggest to you that theirs is perhaps the purest religion—numbers. I am in awe of it.

God expresses itself in NUMBERS and by extension in US.

Individuals who see that there is a Principle governing numbers are seeing the perfection of what many despair is nothingness. There is no nothingness. In the place of what we imagine to be nothingness (which I believe is just a condition that results when you believe lifetimes are finite) is what I like to call the fabric of the universe. It’s vibrant, alive, and eternally so. There is nothing else. Nothingness has never and will never exist. It is an impossible state of being. Numbers tell us this faster than words.

Eternity is necessarily harmonious.

Harmony is the key to everything. I state as a fundamental proposition in the equation of being that there cannot be two opposing powers in eternity. I say this with mathematical certainty. Ergo, the essence,—the fabric of the universe—is always serene, at peace with itself. On this metaphysical basis, we may discover the nature of being.

I could take this idea further but etiquette demands I not “preach” mathematics (a verb that doesn’t work so well in this new religion). Okay, well, maybe one more thing. If you take this rule of harmony and apply it to your life, some amazing things will start to happen. Essentially you are learning to control matter (the unfortunate apparent reality you are trying to escape) while still believing yourself to be a part of it. The time of the quickening is to be cherished. I was blessed with it only once. (The “practice” of pure metaphysics is a luxury I denied myself after seeing what it is doing to my co-religionists. Instead, I forged my own path in life. One of my guiding principles in doing so is to keep myself well-grounded. Organized religion seems like a disease to me sometimes, one I would describe as cancerous.

In the religion of mathematics,
prayer is mathematical

Now what I am about to tell you is for me the very definition of prayer (as practiced in mathematics). I dare say it is the key to a whole new world of possibilities. Do not accept no for an answer. You must insist that right where the problem exists harmony reigns. You insist that it is so by acknowledging both cannot occupy the same space and then by deciding in the heat of battle, Which is it? Matter or Mind? And if Mind, then numbers are telling us the reality must be harmonious. And then hold your ground. This is mathematics! If you hold your ground, your reality will change. I promise you. I’ve done it myself. It works. The moment you realize it worked is what I call the quickening. There’s nothing like it.




Some people call the fabric of the universe Love. But that’s another story.

Hah! I wonder how many people saw what I just did. I live alone. It sucks.


Mathematicians describe a wondrous world of interconnectivity that betrays the fact that the fabric of the universe is eternally harmonious, not at war with itself. There really are sacred numbers. 216 is the most important of them all. 216 found me. It created me. It said, “Look around you! There is exquisite beauty everywhere. Reality is inherently good. And we do not die.” We? Numbers, people. They are all eternal ideas. Death is an illusion. We cannot even momentarily lapse into nothingness because nothingness does not exist. There is nothing “behind” or “before” consciousness. In fact, I believe it is possible to remain conscious throughout the death process. Piercing the barrier before us now is something I have prepared for my entire life.

In the religious arena basically, everyone is competing for the right to define God. Mathematics is not so encumbered. I believe numbers are as close as we can come to actually hearing the voice of God, but not in any Einsteinian sense. The reality is much simpler and becoming well acquainted with it does not require advanced mathematics. All you need is Lucien Khan. And he exists. Thank God. Think of him as the High Priest of this new religion I hereby declare. He’s handsome, too. I love this kid. And his work with The Fibonacci 60 Digit Repeat Cycle is groundbreaking, earth-shattering, a ticket to enter into the galactic community, and I like it, too. Best of all, his book The 216 Letter Hidden Name of God – REVEALED—which, for the record, I had to retrieve from my bathroom in order to write this sentence—looks and reads like a coloring book for children. This is how it should be.

Something wonderful is governing numbers. Something we cannot see but know is there because—now would be a good time to listen. Life is listening. Everything else is death—in mathematics, we can see the beauty of creation in a different language, one shared by all mankind throughout the ages. I am a Christian Scientist and I say this is what is taught to us by our leader, a woman no one paid any attention to and whose church has mutated into something foreign to my nature,—commandeered by a bunch of scallywags. I ask you in defense of my queen—for surely at this moment I follow in the footsteps of the Bard—for queen and country—look at the result of a Google-like search of her primary textbook and see what she says—listen up—about the relationship between mathematics and metaphysics. The search results are included in a section entitled References to “mathematics” in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures on page № 67. Sacred numbers and refereeing between the gods.

I just had what you might call a “progeny of the Bard” moment with sacred numbers: mathematics and metaphysics. Another MM 1313 me. It’s everywhere including my birth date, which feels a bit fated. Is the world of numbers a church? I don’t know. Why don’t you come inside from the rain and see for yourself? I’m no pro at this, but I did graduate third in my class at the Defense Language Institute, ahead of one of the four German Language majors fresh out of college with that stupidly coveted and completely meaningless piece of paper called a degree on the wall in his dorm room. Why? My teacher said I had an unusual knack for understanding what is being said by the context in which it was said and because of this I heard German way in advance of my actual training. In short, I listened. You really can trust me to be a good introduction to “how you should think” about this hitherto unknown world of numbers. (Wow was that awkward!) But seriously, though. I wouldn’t harm a fly, well, you know what I mean. Trust me to hold your hand and show you around to what happens to someone shortly after entering into the world of numbers (that would be me). It’s refreshing. I love it. It’s bigger than me. Infinitely so. And therein lies the joy of it all. Warning! Serious discontinuity ahead.

And here I am. Hidden on this ridiculously long page all about myself. Here. Right here. Don’t look around. I’m right in front of you.

Let the drum roll begin.

If everything is thought, Tomorrowland really is possible. I want to get there. The only thing that stands in our way is how people are organized. I fear the Georgia Guidestones failed us somewhat in this respect. It’s all about how the people are organized. The people are essentially good. They just need to be organized better.

Reward only innovation.

Structure everything around how to encourage innovation. Everything.

Unproductive innovation groups must be disbanded

Elements within such a structure must have a shelf life on the principle of if it isn’t moving, it’s dead. No progress, no new innovations in at most a calendar year, the team must be disbanded.

Be careful at the point where innovation is acknowledged.

Be careful at the point where innovation is acknowledged.

The what?

There is where the psychopaths will see their best opportunity to regain control of the species. They will probably always be among us. But rather than allow them to control us, we must learn to live with them. We must outthink them or they will destroy us again in this new world to come. This is war. I was a half-brother to three of them. I have studied them my whole life. And I do hereby aver that we are not one species. There is a mutant branch at the DNA level, and it is they who are in control of the multi-trillion dollar tunnel system in Colorado. I’ll leave the implications of this to your imagination.

definition of currency

But focus on innovation. Think of it this way. In the end, innovation must equate with the word currency. Let me say this again for effect.

Innovation must equate to currency in the new world

Then you will have succeeded, but the principle of innovation must take precedence over existing organizations—which should be functionally named and not glorified or glamorized. Government is a word which you should well be concerned even exists. Extinguish it. Decentralize control. The only thing that should be in the center,—if life really cannot exist without such a structure,—is representative bodies concerned with lubricating the wheels of innovation. Below them will be other bodies that govern innovation within different applications, such as civil administration, law, and commerce. There is nothing higher than the bodies whose job is to innovate the innovation process itself. The Queen hive. I see no reason to glamorize administration or law. A Supreme Court, yes, but just not glamorized.

Centralized control of anything is a target for psychopaths. Outthink them at all times. Never ever think the threat is gone. That is when they will kill you. The art of civilization is how men and women are organized.

And admit the obvious, females should not only occupy at the very least half of all representative bodies but there well may come a day when the application innovative teams are dominated by females because too few males have the requisite skill to survive in an arena dominated by the need for the truthfulness and blunt honesty of sincere thinking. Well, this is what I hear anyway. We are about to enter a time when matriarchal societies arise and govern for millennia.

I talk about sacred numbers at length on page № 67. Sacred numbers and refereeing between the gods and more generally in the Sacred Numbers are the Religion of the Progeny of Jove and therefore their Greatest Weakness submenu. What you are about to finish reading was, once again, only my introduction to the subject. It is infinitely important,—if you want to play in this world—to learn some measure of respect for the importance of numbers. The progeny of Jove worship them in the sense that they feel compelled to numerically sign their work. It has been so for millennia. And it really is their Great Weakness.

The end.

Rage against the silence
that engulfs us!
Pandemics are only the beginning.
Something much more profound is happening.
Normality is at an end.
Your life will never be the same again.
The only question is,
Do you want to live?
Monjeau Peak is 9,582 feet above the sea level, and the best part is you can drive all the way to the top.

I want to close this homepage with a copy of the cover of detailed driving instructions to get me from Austin, Texas to Monjeau Peak in New Mexico after the coming Earth crustal displacement.

I took these pictures on the hood of my 2015 Nissan Xterra Pro 4X. It’s a 38-page document I keep in my vehicle at all times. For every turn or intersection encountered there is a “big picture” map as well as actual on-the-ground photographs and detailed notes from test runs. Here is a sample page.

This is the only section of my route that involves an Interstate, which I anticipate may be closed. Why so much detail? Because I fully expect to be in an otherworldly state of mind. For highly abstract thinkers, it is very easy to forget what is happening around us. I can’t take any chance of getting lost.

So you see it’s all very real for me. This is not a game. I fully intend on being there the morning after. Perhaps you will be by my side. I don’t have the beard anymore. But I’m still a tall blond with blue eyes. It should not be that hard to spot me.

Psalm 23:4
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.