A Pet Peeve: Our complete inability to accept previous world ages were more technically advanced than us

This is a section I intended to write for years but never got around to it. It consists of quotes from people in my People Who Matter to Me menu. In other words, all of the quotes in this section are from people I respect and admire. Yet to a man, Paul A. LaViolette, PhD, Carl Munck, Manly P. Hall, and others, they all make a mistake that I find almost unforgivable, like the good folks at The Thunderbolts Project ™ demolishing uniformitarianism only to turn around and assume their planetary reconfiguration was a one-off.

What all of these quotes have in common is that right in the middle of discussing the brilliance of the ancients, the writer commits what to me seems to be an intellectual faux pas (highlighted in bold red) that assumes the absence of something we take for granted. All of them do it, all of the writers I admire that is. It’s hilarious.

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