№ 1. Right at the door

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Buried deep in the design of the Mesoamerican (misnamed “Mayan”) Long Count calendar is a profound secret. Every 2160 orbits of Jupiter the earth is utterly destroyed. It is about to happen again. Correction. It has already begun. The ancients are screaming at us. I can hear them. But no one is listening. No one is listening. No one. Including you, my friend. Thus my knowledge of what is to come is reduced to a poetic outcry.


A madness haunts me
and much abounds
in winds of lavender
and lilac smells.
G.W. on the piano
And me, in perfect hell.

Yet speak I must. For as Alexander Pope said, “I lisped in numbers, for the numbers came.”

To my friends in Colorado:

I am No. 5, the Third Prime in Life. Your tunnels will fail.

I have that on very high authority.


Everything is the opposite of what it seems. That includes everything from so-called “scientific” truths to personalities, the appearance of good and evil, everything.

Not “unfinished” or incomplete, Michelangelo’s work represents individual consciousness imprisoned in the collective consciousness or what might be described as popular thought. The Bible refers to this slavish state of mind when it says “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate.”  This is precisely what Michelangelo wants to represent in marble.

What is most difficult to grasp, what your mind will never allow you to accept, is that the marble, the collective consciousness, —evernyhing you know, everything you were ever taught, everything you think from childhood to death—is by design. And the full and sole intent of that design is to lull you to sleep. It is a deep hypnosis the purpose of which is to keep you asleep right up until the last moment. That moment is now. We are “right at the door.” And you? You have been trained to deny this reality at all costs. The only thing they doubted they could hide from us in the end is the severity of the cold that is about to descend upon the Northern Hemisphere. Thus the failed attempt to change the Bible and remove this warning about the end times, showing that they are capable of making mistakes. The coming extreme cold is your last chance to wake up. I will be here for you.

You cannot escape this design. That is what I have learned. That is why I stopped writing. It is too late to stop what is happening.

Only a handful of people in the entire world possess the imagination to perceive the insidious nature of this lie. It took thousands of years to “craft.” It is a form of hypnosis and escaping it requires great sacrifice and indefatigable effort. The moment you think you are free is when you are most in danger of having fallen asleep again.

There is a deafening silence right now. It is the quiet before the storm. The powers that be know they cannot hide the severity of the coming winter from the people. The time is near. We are right at the door.