2018 AD — The Descent into Madness




SPECIAL NOTE:  This is a work in progress. I am sitting on a veritable mountain of unpublished data. Original writing and editing are being done online to expedite publication. Only a handful of pages are anywhere near finished. This can be frustrating for the reader, but is a necessary consequence of how I approach the work (best described as haphazard). Please read this home page first. It is a good overview of my work. TO ACCESS THE MENU CLICK THE THREE SHORT HORIZONTAL LINES IN THE TOP RIGHTHAND CORNER OF EVERY PAGE.



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Part of me profoundly believes that the apocalypse of which Daniel the prophet of the Old Testament, Christ Jesus primarily in Matthew 24, the Mesoamerican people in the design of their Long Count calendar, Virgil is his Eclogues, the Egyptians in the design of their Great Pyramid of Giza, Mary Baker Eddy in her chapter so named, and many, many others foretold may be only a matter of a few months away. I not only shy away from saying this publicly, but do not even allow myself to dwell on it in thought. There are always two paths for me, one in which I am right about this, and one in which I am wrong about the timing for any number of reasons. In the case of the latter, it is a common joke between my domestic partner and I that what I am doing is writing a fiction that will in time become my first novel and subsequently a movie script. Such thoughts are necessary to maintain a balance in the normal affairs of life. Nevertheless, my highest self, that which I describe as a highly abstract thinker—my intuition—tells me this is the calm before the storm.

This morning I arose with a conviction equal and opposite of that of two days ago and as recently as yesterday. I am preserving those inspirations on my February 20, 2018 page. We are surrounded by distractions. Historically, it has been sports. This close to the event, sports no longer suffice, and so we have the Trump presidency, a clownish man in the highest office in the land. For the Europeans it is the Muslims. I discuss these distractions on the Panem et Circenses (Bread and Circuses) page. Astrotheology is one of them—a thinking man’s distraction—but a distraction none the less. While I remain grateful for the emails I have received from Michael Armstrong of The Thunderbolts Project and Jno Cook (as well as a perusal ofPlutarch last night), the one thing they make clear to me is that pursuing the identification of mythological figures with planets, for whatever reason, is an intellectual trap that can absorb an entire lifetime. I will not fall into it this close to the end. I need to stay alert to what is happening in the world. March and April should bring extreme cold to the Northern Hemisphere, We did indeed enter into a new “ice age” on November 17, 2017. And it is quite possible that the gravitational disturbance of the inner solar system has already begun.

I will spend only enough time on The Osiris Myth to explain how it documents the breakup of the Polar configuration. Last night I read enough of Plutarch’s thoughts on the subject to make it clear to me that only pride could derail me at this critical juncture to stop writing about other subjects to pursue this full time. Jno Cook’s email also reminded me that only a handful of people are reading this website. I know the Osiris myth documents the breakup of the Polar configuration. That is enough for the time being. Time would be better spent fleshing the Two Great Anti-Ciphers or any number of other existing pages, not to mention the untold others I have yet to even create. The point is that I will not be drawn into astrotheology nor any of the other myriad distractions of the progeny of Jove this close to what may actually be the biggest event in the history of mankind.



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Work Log

23 FEB 2018  My exploration of astrotheology led me to make inquiries into the Osiris myth. With the help of Jno Cook, author of Recovering the Lost World, A Saturnian Cosmology, and Michael Armstrong, a founding member of the The Thunderbolts Project™, I have entirely new views on these subjects. As a consequence, I am going to rewrite the section on The Progeny of Jove on this homepage, and for the first time present to the reader what drives me, what I think is really happening. It is something that I have perhaps not been ready to do until this very day. We do not wish to be thought of as delusional but this is unavoidable because reality truly is stranger than fiction. To the average person this will sound like the plot for a sci-fi movie. This cannot be avoided.





In the News

You may not be aware of it, but there has been an extraordinary number of asteroid flybys under one lunar distance (LD) so far this year, most of which were not discovered until a day or two in advance. If the Sirius star system has crossed some invisible line where it starts to disturb the gravitational balance of the inner solar system, this would manifest itself first in the orbital paths of smaller rocks (asteroid and comets). No one is covering this more faithfully than The Watchers.

I must use some harsh language in order to make my point; only a complete idiot would be getting their news from mainstream media (MSM) at this juncture in history. Get your news from the following sources:

  1. RT
  2. The Watchers
  3. Truthstream Media
  4. Newsblok

Newsblok is a wonderful collection of alternative news sources. I am not affiliated with any of these sources. Once a day or so, I scan the headlines of the Huffington Post, but I want to stress I do so ONLY to see either what MSM is covering or what they are NOT covering.





The Twin Towers



Inca law (photo credit)

Respect for the Truth

“Ama llulla” is Inca for “do not lie.” It was one of the three fundamental laws of the Inca Empire: “Ama Sua. Ama Llulla. Ama Quella.”  Do not steal. Do not lie. Do not be lazy. There are many ways to tell a lie. Pretending that the current world order can continue indefinitely is one of them. The author of this website judges a person by what he or she thinks happened on 9/11 in New York City when the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center were “dustified” (what happened was so unusual as to require the invention of a new term) as described by Dr. Judy Wood (YouTube videos) by an unknown directed energy weapon. Truth is always simple. And the simple truth is that there was no rubble heap. Think! Think for yourself! Where did the buildings go? The answer is that they were turned into dust, but the problem is that collapsing a building cannot pulverize hardened steel. Look again at the above picture of the Twin Towers and try to imagine what it would look like after two of the tallest buildings in the world collapsed.


Twin Towers rubble heap after September 11, 2001 (9/11)

If you cannot see that something is profoundly wrong with this picture, I suggest you stop reading now. I honestly cannot help you. You will learn nothing from me because you cannot see the evidence before your eyes. But if you suspect something is amiss, I can take you down a path that makes the Twilight Zone seem tame.

From Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Disintegrate? by Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood

The scrap guys could not believe the twin towers produced so little rubble. “It simply did not seem possible that two of the world’s tallest buildings had all but disappeared…In total, 2,700 vertical feet of building, containing nearly 10 million square feet of floor space, were reduced to a tangled, smoking, burning heap less than 200 feet thick.”

It’s not about who did it or why. It’s about the technology involved. If you are unwilling or unable to contemplate what really happened on that fateful day, you will never realize that the technology involved is mind-boggling, far in advance of any of our known military weapon systems. Miss that and you miss everything. You must possess this ability to see the bigger picture. It is indicative of having an open mind. So give Dr. Judy Wood a try (links above). She is a brave woman with a boundless intellect. Even mentioning her name on Wikipedia is strictly banned. Neither her name nor any of her work is mentioned on the 9/11 conspiracy theories Wikipedia page. This is an extraordinary fact given her credentials. If nothing else, it should make you curious as to why Wikipedia would go to such an extreme to ignore her work. Her most-watched YouTube video entitled “9/11 Breakthrough Energy Technology | Dr Judy Wood” has well over a half a million views.


There is another, equally important reason to revisit September 11, 2001 (9/11). As profoundly much as I respect Dr. Judy Wood, I stress equally important. Why?  Because it evidences as nothing else can a central control of mainstream media (MSM) in the United States of America, not unlike that of NAZI Germany. On the morning of 9/11, there was a category 3 hurricane off the coast of NYC. It was as ignored by MSM as Dr. Judy Wood is by Wikipedia.


Category 3 Hurricane Erin on September 11, 2001 (9/11) hours off the NYC coast

Here is a short video about Hurricane Erin on the morning of September 11, 2001 (9/11):

This TruthStreamMedia.com video (one of the few websites from which I obtain news) makes it perfectly clear that THERE IS A HIGHLY ORCHESTRATED, CENTRAL CONTROL (think Joseph Goebbels and NAZI Germany)  OVER ALL MAINSTREAM NEWS OUTLETS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, above and beyond the fact that only handful of corporations own those news outlets, that is determining EXACTLY what you see and hear from mainstream media. This is not propaganda. They are effectively telling you what is real about your world. This is mind control. This and other YouTube videos of Hurricane Erin are profoundly important. It took a lot of work to make these videos. Watch them thoughtfully. See also The Real Matrix: Our Entirely Fabricated Reality.

And that is what I want you to take away from this opening discussion of An Apocalyptic Synthesis. See also This 1967 CIA Memo Is Still Used to Discredit Conspiracy Theorists Today. Before I explain the meaning of “an apocalyptic synthesis,” a little background information is necessary. 





Galactic Center

Mathematical Insanity

Albert Einstein is the god of the mathematically insane. I do not use the term “god” lightly. The simple truth is that there was no Big Bang, the universe is not expanding, there are no black holes, no neutron stars, no dark matter, no antimatter, and now no gravitational waves. There is no Oort cloud. The Sun is not a gigantic thermonuclear furnace. This list covers the full gamut of modern cosmology. People toss around terms like “black holes” and “neutron stars” as if they were facts, not realizing they exist only in the minds of mathematicians who have evolved a convoluted mathematical construct that has no correspondence to reality. To make matters worse, these very same mathematicians produce realistic looking pictures of what exists only in their imagination. To the left is perhaps the best picture ever taken of the galactic center. Do you see a black hole? It is almost self-evident looking at spiral galaxies that at their center is a star factory, a fountain of life, not some imaginary Cookie Monster. A very wise man once said “some things [are] hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest…unto their own destruction.” Everything these mathematicians do is based on an outdated, gravity-centric view of the universe, one invented by Albert Einstein that even he openly questioned before his death.

The truth is that we live in an electromagnetic universe.

FROM Gravity is Really Weak? by Jeff Vogtschaller of University of Wisconsin, Madison

In these lessons I send out to you all I throw out ideas such as: “gravity is really weak”. Well, what exactly do I mean by “really weak”? Is there a scale to all these ideas? …

Electromagnetism – the force we know best – is 10 to the 36th power stronger than Gravity. That’s 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times stronger! …

Would you like a real, mind boggling picture for [the difference between the forces of electromagnetism and gravity]? The diameter of the smallest atom , Hydrogen, is about 10 to the -10 power meters. The diameter of the entire universe is about 10 to the 26th power meters. So, the difference between the diameter of the smallest atom and the entire Universe is about 10 to the 36th power. Yup, that means that if you measured the gravitational attraction between the electron and proton in a Hydrogen atom it is about the same amount of force as the electromagnetic attraction of an electron and a proton at opposite sides of the Universe!!! If that doesn’t boggle your mind, your mind is unboggleable! Gravity is really weak!

Of course, mainstream science and academia misunderstand gravity also. Gravity is provably 20 billion times faster (that’s billion with a “b”) than the speed of light. It travels via the very same aether Sir Isaac Newton postulated light used. The analogy that Wallace Thornhill uses is a taut rope stretched between two points (such as in a tug-of-war). Whip the rope and it slowly undulates to the other end. This is the speed of light. But pull on it, and the force is immediately felt on the other end. This is the speed of gravity. By harnessing this knowledge, we can in fact travel faster than the speed of light and visit the stars at warp-like speeds.

Speed of Light
According to special relativity, [186,282 miles per second] is the maximum speed at which all conventional matter and hence all known forms of information in the universe can travel.   —Wikipedia

The only meaningful comparison that can be made between the Electric Universe and plasma science versus the outdated, gravity-centric model of modern cosmology (the mathematically insane) is that the latter (the status quo) is a new flat Earth. I do not mean to belabor the point, but this mathematical insanity is not unlike believing that a handful of Muslims with box-cutters and a few hours of flight simulation training somehow managed to turn two of the tallest buildings in the world into dust. It is completely divorced from reality. What right do I have to call hundreds of thousands of our most respected citizens from mainstream science and academia all over the world mathematically insane? And please understand I use this term not judgmentally, but descriptively. They truly are mathematically insane. The answer to this question is found by following the links in the next section, but the more important question is, “Can we trust anything these people say?” The answer sadly is no. They are like an oversized anchor in the middle of a tempest. Ask them to weigh anchor and they will scream back at you through the howling wind and rain, “What storm?” The analogy is a good one because before this transition to new era in science is complete, we will be forced to see these people for what they are, which is arrogant, pompous idiots who know a lot of math symbols. When I think about what mainstream science and academia did to Immanuel Velikovsky and their stubbornness in failing to recognize the simple brilliance of the men discussed in the next section, I wish we could just throw them overboard before they get us all killed.




David Talbott

New Voices Crying in the Wilderness

We stand at the cusp of a new era in science. To borrow from the Bible (Psalm 118:22), Immanuel Velikovsky, “the stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.” David Talbott of The Thunderbolts Project™ was the first to use the term “consensus science,” replacing the more familiar “mainstream science.” For those of you unfamiliar with this man, he dedicated 20 years of his life to advancing the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, only to walk away in disgust in the end, unable to gain the ear of his contemporaries, and selling his entire library. Then along came Wallace Thornhill of the Electric Universe, offering intellectual support and rescuing Velikovsky’s protégé from obscurity.

Since these two men joined forces they are revolutionizing scientific thought. We do indeed live in an electromagnetic universe. Plasma science supports myth. And Walter Cruttenden of the Sirius Research Group at the Binary Research Institute supports the Dogon tribe in West Africa. The past and present are melding. These three men and a growing list of other men and women who have joined forces with them are doing their utmost to put a stop to the prevailing mathematical insanity, to the grotesque cult of Albert Einstein symbolized by standing in front of a chalkboard full of inscrutable mathematical equations. They are the new voices crying in the wilderness.





An Elder of the Dogon Tribe

Our Binary Dance with the Sirius Star System

The “trigger mechanism” I sought for years is the Sirius star system. It is a gravitational behemoth which is fast approaching our solar system and disturbing everything in it. The ancients point to the constellation Orion because Orion’s belt in turn points to the Sirius star system. Gravity is at least 20 billion times faster than the speed of light. It is nearly instantaneous across vast distances, including the 8.6 light years that presently separate us from the Sirius star system. Earth does not wobble like a spinning top. The “precession of the equinoxes” is a consequence of the fact that our solar system is in a binary relationship with the Sirius star system. The evidence for this is overwhelming, not only because of the Orion correlation theory and the Dogon tribe of West Africa, but because Sirius does not precess (does not move retrograde across the sky like other stars). My God, what further proof do you need? As stated in Wikipedia’s discussion of the Sothic cycle:

It has been noticed, and the Sothic cycle confirms, that Sirius does not move retrograde across the sky like other stars, a phenomenon widely known as the precession of the equinox. Professor Jed Buchwald wrote “Sirius remains about the same distance from the equinoxes—and so from the solstices—throughout these many centuries, despite precession.” For the same reason, the helical rising or zenith of Sirius does not slip through the calendar at the precession rate of about one day per 71.6 years as other stars do but much more slowly. This remarkable stability within the solar year may be one reason that the Egyptians used it as a basis for their calendar. The coincidence of a heliacal rising of Sirius and the New Year reported by Censorinus occurred about the 20th of July, that is a month later after the summer solstice.

This is where the Dogon tribe of West Africa (thought to be ancient Egyptians) meets modern science. Yet it goes largely ignored. The Sirius Research Group at the Binary Research Institute provide the overwhelming evidence that our solar system is in a binary relationship with the Sirius star system. Unless and until you become convinced of this fact, there is little I can do to show you the coming apocalyptic consequences of this binary relationship, so I encourage you to immerse yourself in their work at your earliest convenience. Walter Cruttenden  is the leader of that group and one of the most advanced scientific thinkers on the planet.





Planet Nine does not exist. You would not know that looking at this CalTech picture.

There is No Planet Nine

Why indeed does the fabled “Planet Nine” have such a powerful effect? Is it not more likely that the elephant in the room (Sirius) is responsible for tilting the Sun? I am keenly aware of the work of Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown at CalTech regarding the existence of Planet Nine, but there is another reason for the alignment of the distant Kuiper Belt objects. As discussed by the Sirius Research Group at the Binary Research Institute, Sirius offers a more rationale explanation for this phenomenon. For an overview of this subject, read “What’s Tugging on our Solar System? Something Bigger Than a 9th Planet Gravity Waves May Be Key!” written by no less than Walter Cruttenden. (Unfortunately, Cruttenden is speaking outside of his area of expertise when assuming “gravitational waves” exist. They do not. See Gravitational Waves for a discussion.) Instead of talking about our solar system’s binary relationship with the Sirius star system attested to by the Dogan tribe of West Africa, what we hear about all the time is how Planet Nine (P9), Planet X (disproved by the CalTech team), Nibiru or the Twelfth Planet (based on the thoroughly discredited work of Zecharia Sitchin and the utterly ridiculous Seal VA 243), Wormwood (a metaphorical reference to a plant of the genus Artemisia mentioned once in Revelation), or whatever you want to call it is about to destroy Earth. This is a train wreck of popular insanity. The only substance to it is the work of the CalTech team and they are seriously (pun intended) remiss in overlooking the work of the Sirius Research Group at the Binary Research Institute. In fact, I find it a deplorable stealing of the limelight that Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown somehow completely missed this alternative explanation for the alignment of the distant Kuiper Belt objects, especially when you consider that they are favoring the Sirius star system. It is much more exciting to suggest that there is another planet in our solar system than to point out that the king has no clothes and the current outdated, gravity-centric model of reality is completely delusional.

There are only a handful of stars closer to Earth than Sirius, but Sirius dwarfs them all in size. Equally important is the fact that Sirius, at a declination of -17° from the celestial equator (Earth’s equator projected out into space), is roughly in the same plane as Earth and our solar system. The Thunderbolts Project™ has produced a graphic that makes it clear Sirius is the “elephant in the room:”


The elephant in the room is Sirius

Looking at this graphic and considering the phenomenal things happening to our solar system right now, how likely is it that these effects are the result of an imaginary Planet Nine when it is provable that our solar system is in a binary relationship with the Sirius star system? Free yourself from this nonsense. There is not enough time left for guessing. I do not pretend to know exactly where our solar system is in relationship to the Sirius star system, but with the rate of precession slowly increasing it is clear that the Sirius star system is getting closer to our solar system and therefore exerting an ever increasing gravitational influence. This is precisely what is disturbing our solar system. This is why the Sun is growing weaker, which means that Sirius is ultimately responsible for the increase in galactic cosmic rays. This is the trigger mechanism. Ultimately it will cause an axial tilt that I believe for this planet is as regular as clockwork.












The term “progeny of Jove” is borrowed from Virgil‘s Eclogues, which is quoted below. These people must be understood in the context of “the end justifies the means.” In this section I will introduce you to their end game, which for the mass of humanity is death, but for the progeny of Jove is survival in the Vault Profound (also from Virgil’s Eclogues quoted below) and Tomorrowland, a 2015 Walt Disney movie which encapsulates their vision of the future in the Age of Capricorn.

Earth is billions of years old, even if you believe in the Big Bang. I do not. I think the Big Bang, like nothing else can, shows that academia and mainstream science are mathematically insane. In his Appendix N: Age of the Universe, Jno Cook, an unusually well read man, takes an entirely novel approach to this subject involving the estimated time it would take to “form” a galaxy and the Fibonacci series. Using the most conservative numbers available for the formation of a galaxy, he calculates that the Milky Way is at least 24 billion years old and that the visible universe is at least 496 billion years old. He concludes by saying “…there are plenty of people who believe the Universe is infinite in size and infinite in age.” I am one of them. Something is wrong with our planet because extraterrestrial species are clearly traveling faster than the speed of light. Were it not so, they would not bother visiting such a backwater planet. Travel from even nearby Sirius would require at the very least over a decade. Why are we so primitive? And why do we have no memory as a species?

The evidence that highly intelligent civilizations existed in our remote past is overwhelming, not the least of which is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Beyond this, there is significant evidence of intelligent human life on this planet dating back millions of years. For me, the greatest evidence of this is the Zodiac. Does it record the movement of the Sun through the constellations on a yearly basis, or is it a record of what happens to this planet in its 26,000 year binary dance with the Sirius star system? More to the point, does Aquarius “the water bearer” signify spring rains or a once-every-26,000 year weakening in the Sun accompanied by a huge increase in galactic cosmic rays that brings massive, worldwide floods as are happening even now? I believe it is the latter. For the ancients to have so documented the so-called “precession of the equinoxes”  would require observing this cycle many times, at the very least three, twice to establish the pattern and the third time for confirmation. Three times 26,000 is 78,000 years of close observation. This is our true heritage, one that has been systematically hid from us as recently as the nineteenth century in the United States of America where hundreds of giant skeletons delivered to the Smithsonian Institution disappeared from the historical record. Those skeletons were us when Earth was part of David Talbott’s Polar configuration. Inside of Saturn’s magnetosphere, our primordial sun, the gravity on our planet is estimated to have been as much as four times less what it is now by no less than Michael Armstrong, a founding member of the The Thunderbolts Project™. This lessor gravity made it possible for the dinosaurs to exist. It also explains why we have back problems. We are not an alien race deposited on Earth, as some have suggested to explain away our back problems. As a species, we are still adjusting to the new gravity. Jno Cook suggests that the breakup of the Polar configuration happened as recently as 3147 BC.

If this is true, in no more than 5,000 years humans have shrunk from “giants” to at most six feet tall on average. Why was it so important to hide the giant skeletons unearthed all over North America? More importantly, who is doing the hiding? Who does not want us to know the truth about our past and why? I will attempt to answer this question in the remainder of this section.

Jove is Jupiter. The full line of Virgil’s poem is, “Dear child of gods, great progeny of Jove!” The gods of yore were the planets when they were much closer to Earth and loomed huge in the skies above our planet. This line from the Eclogues suggests that the Roman elite knew about the Polar configuration and that this knowledge defined who they were. And who are they? The progeny of Jove morph from one organizational entity to another and from one location to another in order to hide their true identity as they stealthily move through time ever closer to the coming axial tilt. In the Greco-Roman world, they were the Pythagoreans, indistinguishable from the Roman elite. In our time, they are the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, and the Freemasons (1717 to 1946 or 230 years, yet another reference to the mysterious 23) before morphing into the CIA from 1947 until the bicentennial in 1976 (30 years), and from 1977 until the present day they are an unnamed entity within the government of the United States of America hiding behind “need-to-know” clearances that exclude even sitting presidents. This chain of succession has been unbroken for at least 2,700 years. Though I have yet to assign specific dates, the Pythagoreans also established a base of operations in South America which they used for many centuries. It included what we know of as the Inca empire. While there, they orchestrated the intellectual death of Europe, which included killing all of the Druids, the destruction of Jerusalem, the bastardization of Christianity (culminating in what we know of as astrotheology) and assuming control of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Here it is important to realize that this is a single entity. For example, no president since Truman (the 33rd President of the United States of America and the 13th Freemason President) has been privy to the inner workings of progeny of Jove. After the formation of the CIA, the Freemasons became what I call a “headless corpse.” Thus you have Manly P. Hall lamenting the former emphasis on esoteric knowledge over fraternity. He lived through a transition of which was evidently not aware. When the progeny of Jove morphed into the CIA, they took with them the knowledge from which they derive their real power. What is this knowledge? For individuals such as 33° Freemasons before that organization was beheaded, that knowledge is that Jupiter (Jove) is the timepiece of the ancients. Each orbit of Jupiter (11.8618 years) counts down until the coming axial tilt. If you do not understand this, you will never understand the significance of the all-seeing eye of providence. The word “providence” here means “timely preparations for future eventualities.” Nor for that matter will you understand my choice of the “banner” image at the top of each page. This is some of the most guarded information in the history of mankind. But today the Freemasons are little more than a pretentious men’s club that does not understand its own origins and history, which is more or less precisely what Manly P. Hall said towards the end of his life. The same is true of the CIA, which after 1976 becomes little more than an intelligence bureaucracy. As if to emphasize this point, Stansfield Turner, a Christian Scientist, was appointed Director of Central Intelligence in 1977. Thus I think it is a mistake to refer to “secret societies” in the plural. The progeny of Jove are one entity. 

Anciently the progeny of Jove were peoples, first the Phrygians, who survived previous world destructions in underground cities every bit as sophisticated in their day as are the granite tunnels in the Front Range batholith today. Thereafter they became the Greeks and Romans. Since their return to Europe from South and Central America, they are no longer identifiable as a people except to say that they are doubtless all caucasian. Does this mean they were Phrygians posing as Greeks and Romans? No. This introduces the subject of a third entity apart from the secret societies and the Illuminati, a self-perpetuating body which I refer to as the Nine. This controlling entity knows much more than 33° Freemasons did in their day or the Illuminati of today. They are the custodians of the masterplan, which is discussed in detail on their page. This is what distinguishes them from the secret societies and the Illuminati. They are in control of everything. They are the ones who ultimately decide who survives the coming axial tilt. They have spoon fed an entirely fabricated reality to the masses. Everything we think we know, including especially our history, is a construct not unlike the one portrayed in the Matrix movie. They orchestrated the mathematical insanity of modern day academia and mainstream science. Global warming is theirs. Everything. It is all one grand design. They are master planners.







SPECIAL NOTE: Please be advised that  the “Progeny of Jove” menu is a recently completed framework for me to flesh out these ideas. The pages and sections within it are little more than a collection of notes right now.




Who then are the Illuminati?

The secret societies of yore (for they are are “headless corpses” now) emphasized the importance of knowledge. The Illuminati emphasize control of society at large. The switch from the Freemasons to the CIA became official in 1947, 40 years before the end. It was necessary because a coarser breed of men are required the closer we get to the end. They are as different as George Washington and (either) George Bush. You might think of the former as the string section of an orchestra, and the latter as the the percussion and brass. The conductor is The Nine, and in that sense what we are dealing with here is a single entity, what the Phrygians called the two “beasts” when they wrote the Book of Revelation.

Freemasons (infiltrated and subsequently usurped by the Illuminati)

What about the Illuminati? Where do they fit into this picture, and why have I not included them in the succession of entities the progeny of Jove have used to maintain control in more recent times?

Knowledge is power and a precise knowledge of the end times has always been the most carefully guarded knowledge on the planet. Yet the secret societies that existed thousands of years ago were profoundly different than those of today, as different as George Washington is as a Freemason when compared to the Bush family and Skull and Bones. They were deeply concerned about the possibility of this knowledge being entirely lost to humanity as opposed to being primarily concerned about their own survival.

Changing gears.


FROM Matthew 24:15-18 (the last sign before the end)

The only sense I can make of it is to give credence to the following quote from an article entitled Who are the Illuminati? from the henrymakow.com website.

In a nutshell, these groups sexually practiced incest, pedophilia, adultery and homosexuality and were otherwise depraved. The Talmud states that the Messiah will come only in an age that is completely guilty or completely innocent (Sanhedrin 98a). From this epigram, the Frankists would declare, “Since we cannot all be saints, let us all be sinners.”



See also Auxiliary Groups on the Illuminati page. (I will come back to the Illuminati momentarily.)