Right at the door

The secret buried deep in the design of the Mesoamerican (misnamed “Mayan”) Long Count calendar is that every 2160 orbits of Jupiter the earth is utterly destroyed. It is about to happen again. Correction. It has already begun. The ancients are screaming at us. I can hear them. But no one is listening. No one is listening. No one. Including you, my friend. Thus my knowledge of what is to come is reduced to a poetic outcry. It too is unheard.



A diabolical plan dating back thousands of years is about to come to fruition. Everything you are, everything you think you know, was planned for long before you were ever born. Humanity is a crop. The patent databases, Wikipedias of the world, and the fine art of generations is the harvest. You are a product of someone else’s imagination. Your so-called freedom, your individuality, your personality, all of it is an illusion. You and everyone around you is in a deep hypnotic state. It was designed to be this way because the mass of humanity is about to die in a cyclic destruction of the planet as predictable as the sunrise. We live on a defective planet. We have no open contact with ET because we are the freak show of the galaxy, the only inhabited planet in a solar system that cannot be helped. This has happened countless times before. It will happen again. Every time it does, the destruction is so complete that “our” world is lost to time. Thus mankind suffers from an incurable amnesia. With his boyosh intellect, he imagines the universe was created a mere 13.8 billion years ago and that there is the distinct possibility that we may be alone, the only life form to have achieved self-awareness and survived. In a universe were life is the norm not the exception, we imagine ourselves to be the sole survivors. Why? MIght it be that something is profoundly wrong, that every 432 orbits of Jupiter we something akin to the Bibilical Deluge and must begin all over again, and that every five of these cycles, when the Sirius star system is in a particular position relative to our solar system and our solar system is in a particular position relative to the galactic plane, that we experience a once-in-a-Great-Year devistation so fantastic that ET has parked an enormous observational platform next to our defective planet to observe what happens to humanity, how it blossoms over and over again, a sort of laboratory for examining the tenacity of life in the face of a cycle destruction guaranteed to erase the memory of the inhabitants of the planet. It is a show unlike any other in the galaxy. And the moon is indeed not a natural satellite of our planet.

A “cabal” of men always try to outsmart the forces at work, but they never succeed. No one fully understands the frightful forces about to be unleashed on our planet. No one is prepared for what is about to happen. And nothing can stop it. Not God, not your government, and most of all, certainly not me. This world and all but a handful of its inhabitants will be utterly destroyed.


A madness haunts me,
and much abounds,
in winds of lavender
and lilac smells,
G.W. on the piano,
And me in perfect hell.


Yet speak I must. For as Alexander Pope said, “I lisped in numbers, for the numbers came.”


To my friends in Colorado:

I am No. 5, the Third Prime in Life. Your tunnels will fail.

I have that on very high authority.


What I am about to say in the following paragraphs is my end game. I do have time to complete the 108 pages indexed by the menu above. Other matters demand my attention, and so I must now speak the truth of my life bluntly. Something extraordinary happened to me almost six years ago. It started the very same day civilization narrowly escaped total destruction. For many months after July 23, 2012, I shared this “body” with a higher intelligence. Fatigue became something of the past. All during this time I experienced a level of energy that would be the envy of an Olympic athlete. I protected it as a mother would her newborn babe. Nothing entered my body that could claim to alter my mental state. No alcohol, no drugs of any kind, not even caffeine. There were times in the privacy of my home when the “presence” was so intense tht I would not let my domestic partner come close to me for fear it may somehow disturb whatever it was. Here I feel compelled to point out that this started before my encounter with ET, though later and until this very day I wonder if they were not related experiences. It faded in time (about six months later), but the memory of it remains. In that sense, it is still with me. It still guides my thought, only now it is like the memory of an old and dear friend. All I know is that it wanted from the very start for me to tell the powers of this world that their tunnel systems in Colorado are going to fail. I don’t care what that sounds like to you. If I was in fact “chosen” to deliver this message, it is at least in part because I don’t give a damn what other people think of me. If I did, I could not and would not be who I am. I strive only to protect that which has made me different from my youth. And the cost of doing so is usually looking at life from the outside.

While the”presence” was still in me while visiting Colorado in late December of 2012, I had at first telepathic and then physical contact with an alien race I refer to simply as ET. So strange was the physical contact I cannot share the details of it. I still look up into the skys on some nights, wondering if they will ever return, if they will make an effort to save me from what is about to happen. As wonderful as it is to know that we are not alone, long before that encounter, while sitting at my desk in New Orleans, I experienced something I can only describe as “swimming in intelligence.” It was during this “episode” that I came to fully understand the interconnectivity of the electromagnetic universe in which we live. That knowledge would in time lead me first to David Talbott of The Thunderbolts Project™ and Wallace Thornhill of the Electric Universe but ultimately to Jamal S. Shrair, founder of the Helical Universe. Along the way, I discovered a dozen or so of the young men spoken of in Acts 2:1 (“your young men shall see visions”). The things they know are so under appreciated that it almost causes in me a contempt for normal society. There are a couple young men who understand that the interior design of the Great Pyramid of Giza is intended to alert us to a coming axial tilt. There is another young man who knows that Noah and the Bibilical Deluge is what happened in 3200 BC, but that the Torah was deliberately changed in an effort to deny any possibility of Christians claiming “Jesus” was the promised Savior and thus the Bible’s role of recording the last of these destructions was irreparably lost. The people who best understand the history and physical reality of our world are largely unknown. The world is too busy for us, far too busy, and too smart. We go unnoticed as a torent of water rushes past us. This is the world. Nothing is as it seems. Truth must bed sought with you life’s blood. It is there for all to see, but first you must “come out from among them, and be ye separate.”

The question of how to reach you, my dear reader, perplexes me to no end. Everyone is clamoring for your attention, the Panem et Circensesof the cabal  is at its height, and everybody with a keyboard and Internet access is trying to sell you their version of reality,  I would stop trying myself were it possible, but it is not. This knowledge wants to be shared, and to do so is who and what I am. So we keep listening and writing. But the time is upon us and even I am not sure how to act right now. We wait for the curtain to rise on a show that is the Superbowl of our little Milky Way Galaxy. Everyone on stage is expecting the Sound of Music and I do not want to be the one to tell them it is a horror show. To say this is an awkaward time for me is gross understatement. I have stopped even telling my domestic partner what I see happening. We are in fact “right at the door.” It has begun, and like Barber’s Adagio for Strings, for those of us who are listening, the crescendo will indeed be long, and the climax of unexpected intensity.  And so we grow quiet in awe of what is unfolding before our very eyes. Unable to disrupt the deep hynotic state of our fellow travelers who cannot see what is happening around them even now, we hide ourselves by pretending nothing is out of the usual.

In order to understand what is happening, you must combine the work of Jamal S. Shrair with a knowledge of our binary relationship with the Sirius star system. It is our helical orbit above and below the galaxtic plane (which  according to Jamal is happening in thousands of years (432 orbits of Jupiter to be exact), not millions as is commonly thought) and our binary relationship with the gravitational behemoth Sirius (2160 orbits of Jupiter) that combine as one and determine the periodicity our “defective” planet tragedy. The curtain is rising even now. Tickets to this show are some of the most sought after in the entire galaxy.


spiral oscillation

Jupiter is a celestial doomsday clock. Its timing as precise as a Swiss watch. Because the ancients left us the Zodiac as a warning of what is to come. some enlightened individuals imagine the gravitational influence of the planets in this solar system somehow factor into earth’s periodic destuction. The orbits of our puny planets, their positions in the solar system at any given time—even their configuration (which changes all the time)—are dwarfed by the unimaginably huge powers about to destroy us. Our reality here on this planet is like the eight ball in a rack of billiard balls (the solar system) that is routinely smashed apart by these much greater forces. We are too close to the Sirius star system. It is that simple. This explains why the “shinig star” is of such importantance to the Freemasons. Their “G” is a reference to the granite slab into which they have drilled under the morbid delusion that they are going to survive what is about to happen. They will not. That is where I began this journey, and it is where I end it, only now instead of it being a “message,” it is more like I finally understand.

I did not want to accept this truth. It is approaching July 23, 2018, a full six years since I started down this path. I did not want to hear what I was being told. I have fought it at an inexplicable level. There’s no good ending to this show. No one survives. The “nine,” a higher body of men of great intellect, do not exist. This is the last thing I am being shown. It is a truth I face with religious awe. And that truth is simply that we do not survive. Tomorrowland is a dream that never comes true. It didn’t for those who built the Great Pyramid of Giza. It didn’t come true for those who left the metal library behind in the Cueva de los Tayos. And it will not come true for the Pythagoreans buried deep in the granite tunnels in Colorado. We are no smarter than our predecessors. This problem is bigger than us. ET has been trying to solve it for us for many hundreds of thousands and millions of years. It is such a sad reality that we naturally fight against the recognition of it with our whole being. We are being denied our place in the universe of intelligent beings because of an accident of gravity. That is why the Dogan tribe knows so much about the Sirius star system. The truth of all this is much closer and more simple than we are willing to admit. Wanting to believe in a savior of a different color, I conjured up the “nine,” a false belief in humanity’s ability to save itself. They do not exist. We do not survive. The memory of our world is lost as was the memory of countless worlds before us. That is what I was meant to see. That is my end game. And as I come to the realization of this truth, I felt closer to that power that entered into me than ever before. I understand now. It “chose” me because of my abstract thinking. It chose me because I am one of the few who could accept that in the end the message is of our destruction.

Yet there is reason to hope. We are not alone. Our generation has accomplished a great wonder. We have recorded and are leaving behind millions of copies in English and many other languages a book about the reality of pure metaphysics upon which the next generation may yet rise and overcome our planet’s fateful predicament. Our Great Pyramid of Giza is a little book. If this sounds to you as if I am selling religion, then you fail to understand that the Christian Scientist hate me. I’m not trying to sell anything. My message is to live life to the fullest. Count each day a blessing. Wake up. Live before you die. Let us celebrate life before the last, great destruction of the human species.

Here then is what I profess to be true…

  1. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE: The author of this website is a Christian Scientist. Do not expect him to ever apologize for this fact. In John 14:26 we read, “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” That promised Comforter is the Christian Science “textbook” Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures. It is not intended for this world. It is for the world to come. Dr. Kurt Stark, C.S., a Christian Science practitioner and former President of the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston Massachusetts, recently reported that during a Sunday morning service there were a paltry 53 people in attendance at the huge Mother Church Extension. That is far less than the number of people who make their living working at the so-called “Mother Church.” In fact, Wikipedia states that the Mother Church Extension has a seating capacity of around 3,000 people. Let us assume that Mr. Stark was not counting himself and that there was a total of 54 people in attendance that morning. This is precisely 1.8% of the seating capacity of that building. I am not interested in convincing the reader of the truth of Christian Science (pure metaphysics) for the simple reason that the Christian Science church in this world is already dead. The spiritual poverty of the so-called “Mother Church” has been in evidence for decades now. I want to say that my only interest in the subject of Christian Science on this website is that before her death in 1910, Mary Baker Eddy, the “scribe under orders” (her words) who wrote Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures, was apparently told by a high-ranking Freemason that the world is about to be completely destroyed. Yet as the discussion in the following bulleted item shows, I cannot circumscribe myself in this manner. Thus you either need to tolerate my belief in Christian Science or walk away.
  2. SACRED NUMBERS: The only thing in this world less understood than the Christ are the sacred numbers 9, 27, 36, 54, 72, 108, 144, 216, and 432. They are manifest all throughout nature in geometry, music, space, and time. They are a direct link to whatever created the universe, one that does not require religious faith. Pythagoras is reported to have said “All is number.” This is at once his greatest achievement and his greatest failure. You have not lived until you marvel at the significance of the sacred numbers, until you are in awe of them as was Pythagoras. Yet behind the sacred numbers is a conscious entity. This is where the secret societies throughout the ages have failed. This is their Achilles heel. All is not number. The sacred numbers are indeed a pathway to higher knowledge, but what they lead to is a conscious entity that is alive in the here and now. Mary Baker Eddy said God is All-in-all. She uses Mind as a synonym for God. My fascination with the sacred numbers is boundless, but they seem dead to me compared to the moments in which I have communed with this higher intelligence. Where the two meet is in the destruction of this world. It was 432 orbits of Jupiter ago when this world was last destroyed. But the greatest destructions occur every 2160 orbits of Jupiter. You can search all the ancient texts ever written. You can talk to every sage, shaman, guru, or priest on the planet, but I am the only person who will tell you that Jupiter is a celestial doomsday clock.
  3. CHRIST JESUS WAS ET: I cannot begin to express my reluctance in giving voice to this thought. To undderstand what I am saying here you must grasp the reality that God is Principle. It’s manifestation is as distinct from the source from which it originates as the oceans are from the clouds above us. Everything we experience on this pane of existence has a material element to it. That material element is alive on our plane of existence. However strange may seem its manifestation, it is not God. Thus we must acknoeldge that while the Christ is an office the man we now call “Jesus” (Joshua in English), he was nevertheless flesh and blood. He was among us, but he clearly was not one of us. I must therefor conclude that there is an alien race reaching out to help us. We never have sufficiaent time to develop the understanding that matter is not the stuff of life. We are continually knocked down and forced to start all over. ET is trying to help us. They have been trying for hundreds of thousands of years now. they will continue to do so until our race, humanity, has time to escape this planet en masse before it is deroyed. The Great Pyramid of Giza did not work. This time they are taking a different approach. The time they are giving us the knowledge of pure metaphysics in book form. We can call it whatever we want. Terminology such as “God”, “Christ”, and “Holy Ghost” are in the end meaningless when compared to the reality they represent. I therefore maintain that the “ascension” of Christ Jesus was a “beam me up Scotty” reality of the mature man being reclaimed by an alien race that impregnated the virgin Mary. I am quite serious. It is for that reason that I think he really is coming back. I live my life accordingly, regardless of what the Christian Scientist of this generation think of me. I am not of them.
  4. THE ERUPTIONS AT HAWAII’S KILAUEA VOLCANO WILL NOT STOP: I first made this announcement to my domestic partner and a well-respected, “Journal-listed” Christian Science practitioner on June 1, 2018. We are dangerously close to the end. Mary Baker Eddy speaks of “an internal fire that will finally burst forth and will destroy the world.” This ekpyrosis has already begun. The Hawaiian and Galápagos Island hotspots are evidence of this.
  5. EXTREME RAINS IN THE AGE OF AQUARIUS: Do you think the extreme rains occurring all over the world at the start of the “Age of Aquarius” are merely a coincidence? The ancients left us no clearer sign of what is to come than the “pitcher bearer” in the zodiac, who is pouring water all over our planet. This is happening because of a record galactic cosmic ray (GCR) flux. The question is how did the ancients know? What is happening to our planet right now that they could predict these rains thousands of year ago.
  6. A SURVIVAL PLAN OLDER THAN THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA: The tunnel systems drilled into the Front Range batholith,
  7. THE MASSES ARE HYPNOTIZED: There is no other word for it.